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How do you open the hood if the release is broken on a Ford Explorer?

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While looking through the grill, locate the hole on the right-hand side and very slightly to the rear of the latch mechanism. Using a thin long-handled flat-tipped screwdriver, coming from right to left at a 45 degree angle, insert it into the hole and pull the handle of the screwdriver to the left in a prying movement. Don't use much force because you don't want to break the latch. It'll pop right open.

This is a common problem with these trucks. A simple way to open the hood requires two people. Have someone pull the release as you simultaniously pull up on the hood. If it doesn't pop, try hitting it on each side a few times. If it still doesnt open, reach in through the grill and pull the release cable maunally. You may need a flashlight to locate the actual cable. Pull it firmly and it should pop open eventually.

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How to Open hood with a broken cable on 1994 Ford Explorer?

how to open hood with a broken cable on a 1994 ford explorer

Ohow do I open ford explorer hood with dead battery?

Pull the inside hood release and then go to the front of the Explorer and press down on the hood slightly while operating the auxillary hood release located just under the front edge of the hood at the center

How can you open the hood of a 1996 Ford Taurus if the hood release is broken inside the car?

you might be able to get under the car somehow and flip the hood release from the inside.

Will a universal hood release cable work on my ford explorer?

A universal hood release cable will work on the Ford Explorer if one is purchased that says it can be used on full size pickups and SUVs. The cable can be adjusted for length if that is necessary for the cable to fit properly.

How do you open the hood of a 1998 ford explorer if the latch inside the vehicle is released but the hood latch won't release?

crowbar dude...

Ford explorer fuse for side mirrors?

The fuse for the side mirrors on a Ford Explorer are located in the main fuse panel. It can be found under the dash, near the hood release.

How do you release a hood latch with a broken cable on a 1997 ford explorer? see this link -

How do you close the hood of your 2006 Ford Explorer?


Is a ford ranger hood interchangeable with a explorer?


How do you go about opening the hood of a 94 Ford Explorer if the latch does not release it?

try having someone bump the hood while you pull the latch

Where is the 1994 ford explorer fuse box?

Between the hood release and the driver door under the dash.

How do you fix a broken hood release in a 2000 ford contour?

go to the wreckers get a new one

How do you find location of computer on 2004 Ford Explorer?

Ford Explorer 1991-2001 Under hood, drivers side in firewall

How do you open a jammed hood on a 1998 Ford Windstar Wagon?

Push down on the hood at the latch while a helper pulls the release. Then try to lift the hood. If the hood cable is broken or maladjusted, then it might be necessary to reach up from under the vehicle and try to release the hood.

How do I open the hood of a 1994 ford explorer if the hood safety latch is stuck?

I had the same problem had someone push down hard on the front hood while I pulled the inside hood release then put wd 40 lubricant.

How do you open hood of ford ranger when release cable is broke?

grab the broken end of the cable with vice grips and pull it

How do you open Isuzu Rodeo hood when hood release is broken?

Get someone to hold the hood release lever while you pull up on the hood.

Where is the bonnet on a 98 Ford Explorer sport?

That's the HOOD on your engine compartment

How can you open the hood on a 1997 Ford Thunderbird if the cable release is broken?

get a piece of wire and connect it to the latch keeping in long enough to reach

Hood stuck on 1994 ford explorer how do you open it you let it close and it stuck part up you can't open by pulling release or hitting the hood?

Reach through the plastic grill and pull cable!!!!!!

How do i open the hood on a 2000 beetle if the hood release lever is broken inside the car?

To open the hood on the 2000 Beetle if the hood release lever is broken inside the car, you can remove the glove compartment of the vehicle and find the release cable inside the dashboard. Pull the cable to open the hood. You will then need to replace the hood release lever.?æ

Where is obd2 socket on 1996 Ford Explorer?

On a 1996 Ford Explorer : The Data Link Connector is behind a small plastic panel which removes ( or maybe flips up ) It is located in the lower part of the dash , below the steering wheel and between the inside hood release and the parking/emergency brake release

Where is the bonnet on a Ford Explorer?

That would be the HOOD , that opens to gain access to the engine compartment

How do you open the hood on your 1990 Dodge Ram if the hood release cable has broken?


How do you open an Audi hood when the release cable is broken?

my hood stuck on left side