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How do you pull the shifter on a 1993 Ford 2WD F-150?


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(IF) we are speaking of a manual transmission: Remove the boot at the base of the shifter. The bolts holdin the sifter in place will then be revealed. Make certain, very important, that the transmission is in neutral. Then remove the containg bolts and the transmission shifter should pull straight up and should go back in the same way. Again make sure the transmission is in neutral.

Shawna: Coming from had a manual transmission in one of my F150 trucks, one very important thing is missing. The spring! There will usually be a spring under the shifter stick. I looked at the Ford dealership exploded diagrams when I tried to get one. Ford does not stock them anymore and all part shops do not carry them. Without that little spring your transmission will not go back together correctly and shifting with become a large pain in the rear when it comes to putting it into 1st gear. At that point you just have to go down to the junkyard and get a used manual transmission for a lousy spring!


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most will do arond 5000 to 6000 lb

Pull back the carpet around the shifter, take out the screws holding the rubber boot on. Pull the boot up and there should be four bolts. Take them out and then pull up on the shifter.

there is a clip on the front of the shifter. pull this out and the outer part of the shifter will come off. next remove the center console. then you can get to the 4 bolts that hold the shifter in place.

Pull shifter down to first gear, and push the side button like a hell. But watch your face lol. Trust me.

pull the hood latch and by the grill to the left of the ford logo there is a handle push it left and there it is

There is a button at the base of one of the supports, push it and pull up.

There is a little plastic ring at the end of the shifter, unless it has already fallen off, as they like to do. Pop off the ring and grab the button with a pair of pliers and pull it straight out. It is simply plugged in.

pull them off and put new ones on...problem solved

under the dash on the driver side pillar a behind the hood pull

pull down the tailgate and the screws to take off the tail light cover. pull that off and it is the bottom bulb

Pull the blown one out, push the new one of same amp rating back in.

There's really not much point in that, unless you simultaneously replace the rear wheel with a single speed wheel and add some chain guides. But if you insist: unhook shifter cable by the shifter and pull it out. Pull grip(s) off handlebar. Loosen Allen screw on underside of shifter clamp. Pull shifter off.

The min thickness should be stamped on the backside of the rotor, pull and examine.

lower the tailgate, remove the 2 screws on the side when you lower the tailgate, pull assembly out and replace

Try putting the shifter in neutral and try it. If not pull the shifter in to park, but pull it into park and turn key.

The back seat on a Ford F150 FX4 can be removed by locating the straps in the back part of the seat. Pull up on the straps to remove the seat.

easy... pull down black fascia in the bottom part of the shifter and you will find a screw holding it...

There is a plastic rod inside of the shifter arm, it unlocks the shifter from the park position when the button on the shifter handle is pressed. So, press in on the shifter button and pull the shift handle straight UP (you might have to pull hard). You should be able to remove the broken pieces of the plastic rod with some wire. You might have to go to a junk yard for a replacement.

the whole thing or just the knob. the 5speed shifter or the 4wd shifter. sigh. whole thing. 5sp pull seats. pull center console. remove boots. remove 2 side screws on shifter base , twist , out.

You'll need to pull the big nut in the middle, then use a wheel puller or balancer puller.

At Sign up as a member and add your vehicle and you should be able to pull up a manual.

loosen the clamp holding the hose on to a fitting and pull the hose free.

most pickups can hold or pull 2 tonnes

unscrew all the bolts and pull it out

I looked forever for that. It is on the passenger side under the side kick plate. Pull the cover off and you will find it there. Good Luck

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