How do you pull the shifter on a 1993 Ford 2WD F-150?

(IF) we are speaking of a manual transmission: Remove the boot at the base of the shifter. The bolts holdin the sifter in place will then be revealed. Make certain, very important, that the transmission is in neutral. Then remove the containg bolts and the transmission shifter should pull straight up and should go back in the same way. Again make sure the transmission is in neutral.

Shawna: Coming from had a manual transmission in one of my F150 trucks, one very important thing is missing. The spring! There will usually be a spring under the shifter stick. I looked at the Ford dealership exploded diagrams when I tried to get one. Ford does not stock them anymore and all part shops do not carry them. Without that little spring your transmission will not go back together correctly and shifting with become a large pain in the rear when it comes to putting it into 1st gear. At that point you just have to go down to the junkyard and get a used manual transmission for a lousy spring!