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i did something close to this on my truck i installed power windows that i had bought from a wrecking yard. if this or any other way of getting the parts is the way your going get get all the parts that you need or think you need and install your mirrors most newer cars already have wires run for any thing that could have come electric if this is the chase hook the wires up and you should be good but if not don't get scared. if you have to just take what trim you have to and run the wire from the mirriors to the switch ( you did get all the parts befor you started right) and then do the same for the other side and once your wires are run from the mirriors to the switch run the wires from the switch to the fuse box you will have to check your with volt meter to find a lug that turns off with the key most of the time is in the center and then hook it to that lug and if your fuse blows just install a bigger one that's what i had to do on mine


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Q: How do you put electric mirrors on both sides of a 1997 Mercury Tracer LS?
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Along both sides of the block below the head. Several in the head and two on the back of the block between the motor and the transmission.

How do you rotate the tires on a 1999 Mercury Tracer?

Take the break off. ======================================================== I was looking at the ( 1998 ) Mercury Tracer Owner Guide and it shows : Move the rear tires to the front of the vehicle ( staying on the same side ) and take the two front tires and put them on the opposite sides of the rear

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It is located in the air filter box where the electrical connecter plugs in the side. You will have to remove the air box and remove the cover on the inside and you will find the mass air flow sensor. It can be easily removed by slipping a flat head screwdriver through the slots one both sides and prying up.

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