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The idle speed solonoid probably needs cleaning. It is on the throtle body

start by making sure the air filter is clean and before removing the idle air control assy, try cleaning the throttle plate and bore with a little carb cleaner. this may fix it and you wont have to deal with all the baloney of removing the throttle body. it will run bad for a few seconds but it will clear....i promise

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:41:10
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Q: How do you raise the idle speed on a 2001 Toyota Sienna if it is idling so low it frequently stalls?
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1994 Toyota Paseo stalls out when idling in traffic?

Could be EGR valve sticking open or dirty at an idling condition or hesitates when accelerating.

1994 Ford Aspire problems starting and stalls after idling?

want to know if my starter is going bad if

What is wrong when a 95 Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off when stopped and acts like it is not getting gas?

When a 1995 Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off while it is at a stop idling, it is likely a delivery problem. When the car acts like it is not getting enough gas, a clog or dirty filter are likely the culprit. It could also be a fuel line problem where denting from road debris has caused crimping to impede the flow of fuel to the engine.

1999 dodge ran 1500 5.9L V8 idling problems it start then idles low then stalls out?

It could be a vacuum leak

Toyota Sienna cranks and then stalls?

Need more info vehicle getting enough fuel, air or ignition. Fuel pump maybe bad, Air intake system has no leaks, Ignition system working properly. Just need more info

How often should a horses stall be cleaned out if the horse is in frequently?

I Usually Clean Out My Barn Stalls Every 3 Days If Kept In Frequently.

Why would 99 contour run fine until it warms up then it stalls when idling and smells like gas?

It's on the verge of vapor lock.

2001 Ford Explorer Engine idles funny and stalls when accelerating from a stop?

Replace the Idle Air Control Valve only about $50. This would cause funny idling and stalling out.

What is wrong if a Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off?

If a Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off, it is likely a fuel delivery issue. There are several items that it could be as well. Oxygen sensors do cause malfunctions as well as leaking hoses, bad spark plugs and/or wires, and even a dirty fuel filter.

1996 opel 1.6ltr 16v stalls when idling mechanic says he replaced idle air control valve what now?

Borrow, rent or buy a code scanner to figure out what the computer has detected.

Why does a 1998 Toyota Corolla with new ignition wires and new spark plugs stalls and sputters when idling?

Possible problems: 1.Check the firing order of your ignition wires. 2.There could be a water inside of one of the spark plug socket,remove the spark plug and insert a clean dry cloth inside to dry-up the water.

2002 Ford Focus stalls when idling?

It's probably part of a fuel pump recall with Ford, make sure to take it into your local dealership, they should fix it for free in around two hours.

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