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The opposite way you took it off

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Q: How do you reinstall the belt tensioner on a GM 5.7L G engine?
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How do you replace a Serpentine Belt on a 91 Caprice V8 57L 9C1?

To remove the serpentine belt use a 1/2" breaker bar to rotate the tensioner upward off the serpentine belt while removing the belt from the pulleys. When installing the new belt make sure the belt is aligned properly in the grooves of the accessory pulleys(or the costly new belt will be shredded when the engine starts). Install the serpentine belt under the tensioner pulley by rotating the tensioner upward with the 1/2" drive breaker bar. When the breaker bar is released the tensioner will keep the belt properly tensioned.

1995 Chevy k15000 57L TBI no spark changeds ignition module coil cap rotor wires and plugs could it be a fautly module out of the box?

more apt to be the engine control module

What do it take to put a 350 57L in a 2000 S-10 22L pickup?

Lots of time, patience, and money.

How many wire hookup is an alternator on a 95 57L 350?

not enough information what type of vehicle does it have a idiot light or gauge

Is 1 ton of topsoil more than 57L?

Topsoil varies in weight, depending on the type and texture, so it really depends.

My Prada sunglass lens is scratched willI Prada Luxotica have them refurbished if I send them to have this done?

prada spr 57l 1bc.1a1 120 3n

Where is the PVC valve located on a 2001 dodge ram 1500 57l?

should be in the top of the valve cover on the passenger side and i believe you mean pcv valve right?

Is there a coil wire that goes to the optispark on a 95 Pontiac firebird with a 57L LT1 and where does it go?

The wire goes to the coil, which is bolted to the drivers side head in the front of the motor.

How do you change the power steering pump on a 96 Chevy suburban with a 57l vortec?

need a puller to remove the power steering pump pulley, then remove the bolts holding the pump on

Can you put a 1991 350 57L in a 2000 S-10 truck?

Any thing is possible just depends on how much you want to spend and also where you live if you have state inspections then no if not then try or

Where is the heater core found in a 1977 Chevrolet caprice classic 57L v8 is it on the firewall on motor side or in car dash?

The heater core is under the passenger side of the dashboard. I posted extensive directions on how to replace in another post under Chevys. vbd

How do you get the fan off of the water pump on a 96 Chevy van 57L?

You're probably finding that the shaft the collar nut is on spins when you try to remove it. There are several tricks. If the unit is still on - leaving the belt on for tension, heat the collar nut with a torch and rap your open end wrench with a hammer. this should loosen it rather easy. If the unit is apart, and your replacing the water pump, lock up the pump impellor, heat the collar nut and rap your open end wrench with a hammer. CAREFUL WITH THE TORCH. Good Luck.

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