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you first locate the fuse for the fuel pump. you start the vehicle and then you remove the fuse and let the car quit. you have now relieved the fuel pressure. As well remove the gas cap.

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Q: How do you relieve fuel pressure on a 1996 firebird?
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How do you relieve the fuel pressure on a 1998 Dodge Avenger?

Remove the gas cap and that will relieve pressure in the tank. There is a Schroeder valve on the fuel injector rail. Use that to relieve pressure at the injectors.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on a 99' firebird?

The pressure regulator is located on top of the intake manifold on the fuel rail

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1996 Pontiac firebird?

it is located in the gas tank.

Does a 5.7L have the same fuel tank as a 3.8L in a 1996 Pontiac firebird?


How do you relieve fuel pressure on 95 S10 2.2l?

To relieve the fuel pressure on a Chevrolet S10, the fuel pump relay should first be removed. Then, the engine should be startedand run until it stalls.

How do you replace a fuel filter on a 1996 Cutlass Ciera?

It is located under the car on the frame just in front of the wheel. First you will need to relieve the fuel pressure. Then you will need to unscrew the fuel lines and remove it.

1996 Plymouth Voyager where is the fuel pressure regualator?

The fuel pressure regulator is part of the fuel pump on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager.

What is the fuel pressure supposed to be on a 94 firebird v6?

Fuel pressure can range from 39 PSI to 52 PSI in a properly operating system.

How much fuel pressure is required for a 89 mpfi firebird 2.8?

the required fuel pressure for the 2.8 litre is 34-47 psi

Where is the fuel line relief valve for a ford f150 2001 sport?

easy way to relieve the fuel pressure is to remove the fuel pump fuse. after that start vehicle up. vehicle will run out of gas. the pressure is relieve,

How do you relieve fuel pressure in a 1997 Chevy lumina?

ask a mechanic to do it for you

How do you check for fuel pressure on a 1996 Geo Tracker?

with a fuel pressure gauge

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