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How do you remove a broken mirror and replace with a new mirror on a 1995 Saturn?


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2015-07-15 19:07:18
2015-07-15 19:07:18

you take off the door pannle and it will be right behind the mirrior three screws


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how to remove and replace broken antenna on a 2003 Saturn ion

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remove the plastic panel and there are 3 ten mm nuts remove and replace mirror.

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If you heat the mirror with a propane torch, you should be able to soften the glue and pick the mirror glass off. Get a replacement glass and silicone it on, using masking tape to hold it for 24 hrs. -- remove door panel, remove bolts to the mirror, (unclip wiring if a power mirror) replace.

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You first need to remove the triangle shaped trim piece inside the door opposite the mirror. It just pries out with a screwdriver. Then disconnect the electrical connections if a powered mirror. Undo the 3 bolts holding it and then remove the mirror. -RC-

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Very simple just remove the plastic cover on the inside of the mirro then remove the 3 ten mm nuts and unplug the connector pull out the mirror and your done

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