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Make a tool to remove it: Take an old coping saw blade, grind it to a gradual point than stretches over a few inches. Wrap electrical tape around the thicker part to use for the handle. The teeth of the coping saw blade can get a grip on the broken key and pull it out.

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Q: How do you remove a broken trunk key from the lock?
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When the bonnet release is broken in your vauxhall vectra how do you get into it?

Even if the trunk release is broken, the external key lock should be able to open the trunk.

How do you replace the lock on the trunk?

how do i replace a trunk lock with another lock that has a key

Can a trunk lock that has a broken key stuck in it be easily or inexpensively repaired?

Sure. Can you open the lid? If so, there is only a clip that holds the lock in. Remove the lock, and with a small screwdriver, or pin, work what is left of the shank out of the cylinder of the lock, replace the lock, and you are back in business.

How do you open a jaguar xf trunk with a dead battery?

Remove the plastic cover from the emergency trunk lock (to the left of the release button) and then use the Key blade from the remote key fob by holding the button on the side and pulling it out.. Then use this key in the mechanical lock to open the trunk.

How do you remove a broken key in a car trunk lock?

Before the key will come out of the lock. The Keyway should be in the vertical position, the same position it was in when the key was put into the lock. Caution: Be very careful not to damage the dust shutter door at the entrance to the keyway. It is held in place by a small hinge pin and spring. If it breaks, remove the parts from the keyway. Locksmiths: Have experience and tools for broken key removal. AAA Automobile Club locksmiths, may be a good choice.

How do you remove a key from a car trunk lock on a 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass?

grab the end of the key sticking out and pull straight back.

How do you open back trunk no key trunk release cable broken?

To open a trunk when there is no key and the cable release is broken, it is necessary to remove the back part of the rear seat. In some vehicles there is a small part of the bench seat back that will pull down to access the trunk.

How do you lock the trunk?

turn the key

In a 1986 Pontiac Trans am Is the trunk electric or manual if electric where is the trunk button?

It is manual, there is no trunk button whatsoever on the inside of the car, you need the key to get in. The lock on ours was broken, so we had to drill through the destroyed lock to open it :D

How do you unlock a Chevy lumina trunk without the key?

you can either take a hammer to it and wack it until it opens. remove door lock cylinder from one of the doors and take it to the lock smith and get a key cut. or my personal way of doing it, you can remove the back seat crawl into the trunk and use a flat head screwdriver to open lock.

How do you remove a broken key from a door lock?

Dude, you need a new door handle. Sorry.

How do you remove the key from the lock ignition?

1996 rodeo- how to remove key from lock ignition?

I have a 1993 mustang with a hatch back. I do not however have the key to open the trunk. I know that I may have to replace the lock but how do I go about getting the trunk initially opened to do so?

drill out the centre of the lock and then use a screwdriver like a key. once open you will be able to remove the old lock and replace it with a new one that has a key.

How do get in trunk if battery dead on 2000 jaguar?

Does it not have a key lock on the trunk lid.

Your key broke off in the ignition of your 1991 Toyota celica how to remove ignition to remove broken part?

Flush the lock with a lubricant. Use the handle of the broken key as a guide. Find a thin wire and stiff it along the sides of the broken key part. Hold the wire in place and remove the part.

How do you remove broken door key from 2004 Nissan altima?

you have to remove the door panel to access the inner door and remove the entire door handle assembly ( from the inside). Once you've got the handle out, remove the lock cylinder, to access the broken key.

Is there a trunk release or certain way you can open your trunk or get into it without a key on a 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier?

The key number used to be the same as on the glove box lock and you can take the glove box lock apart and find out the key number OR you can take the rear seat out and with a couple of loooong extensions and a ratchet and socket, remove the striker in the trunk. Lots of luck

How can you get into your trunk of your 1993 Lexus ls 400 without remote or the master key the car is not locked but the trunk lever will not open?

I came across this problem. There is a lock below the steering wheel that will cause the trunk lever to disengage when it is pushed in. Use the master key to turn the lock (located below the steering wheel). It must be the master key. Without the master key you will need to remove the lock (located below the steering wheel). Good luck.

What do you do if you lock your keys in the trunk of a Cadillac DeVille?

Won't the valet key open the trunk

Key will not open trunk lock but remore will.?

If the key doesn't turn at all, make sure you have the right trunk key, i.e. one that worked before. Many times the ignition and trunk key are different. If it is the right key then the cylinder may be frozen. The remote opens the latch a different way. Try spraying some liguid wrench into the key hole and keep trying to turn it. if the works spray silicone spray or lock lubricant to oil the lock afterwards. If the cylinder does turn and doesn't release the door, look inside to see if the inside lock mechanism is broken.

My rim key lock is broken what do i do?

call lock smith

How can you open a trunk without a key?

pick the lock or use a skeleton key

How do you remove a broken key from lock?

If you can get hold of it with needle nose pliers you can slide it out. Otherwise, you will probably need a locksmith.

I have an '89 cabriolet how do you get the trunk open?

Insert your door key into the keyhole on the trunk. Turn left 90 degrees, and either push in the key, or remove the key and use your finger to press the keyhole button. The trunk lid will pop open. Remember to lock the trunk by inserting the key and turning 90 degrees to the right so the key hole opening orientation is vertical.

How do you remove a barrel lock?

with a barrel lock key