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How do you remove a broken trunk key from the lock?


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2015-07-15 21:11:28
2015-07-15 21:11:28

Make a tool to remove it: Take an old coping saw blade, grind it to a gradual point than stretches over a few inches. Wrap electrical tape around the thicker part to use for the handle. The teeth of the coping saw blade can get a grip on the broken key and pull it out.


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Even if the trunk release is broken, the external key lock should be able to open the trunk.

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how do i replace a trunk lock with another lock that has a key

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Sure. Can you open the lid? If so, there is only a clip that holds the lock in. Remove the lock, and with a small screwdriver, or pin, work what is left of the shank out of the cylinder of the lock, replace the lock, and you are back in business.

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Remove the plastic cover from the emergency trunk lock (to the left of the release button) and then use the Key blade from the remote key fob by holding the button on the side and pulling it out.. Then use this key in the mechanical lock to open the trunk.

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Before the key will come out of the lock. The Keyway should be in the vertical position, the same position it was in when the key was put into the lock. Caution: Be very careful not to damage the dust shutter door at the entrance to the keyway. It is held in place by a small hinge pin and spring. If it breaks, remove the parts from the keyway. Locksmiths: Have experience and tools for broken key removal. AAA Automobile Club locksmiths, may be a good choice.

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