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How do you open back trunk no key trunk release cable broken?

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To open a trunk when there is no key and the cable release is broken, it is necessary to remove the back part of the rear seat. In some vehicles there is a small part of the bench seat back that will pull down to access the trunk.

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Can the broken hood release cable for a 1996 Jeep Cherkee Sport be reattached at the pull handle by crimping it together?

Yes you can crimp the hood release cable back to the handle.

How can you get the gas door open without using the cable?

Look in the trunk- there ought to be an emergency release- you might have to pull the trunk's liner back a bit to access this cable with a tab attached to it.

How do you open the hood of a 2002 Saturn Vue if the hood cable is broken?

Our 2004 Saturn Vue hood release can be opened (if the cable is not broken) by disconnecting the cable from the back of the release lever, grabbing the ball on the end of the cable with some large pliers ("channel locks") and pulling hard. A metal "wire keeper" bracket clamped to the cable end under the hood to serve as a spacer and the release lever works.

How do you get into a latch trunk from the inside if the handle is broken?

Remove the back seat.

How can you open the trunk of your 1994 Corolla when the release latch inside the car isn't working and the keyhole will not move either?

Take-out the back seat. you can access the trunk through here. try to pull the liver where the cable is connected and that is it.

Trunk release and trunk brake light won't work on 2006 dodge charger?

This is a common problem on this Charger model. Most people are finding broken wires inside the rubber boot that routes wires from the trunk lid to the trunk. Pull the rubber grommet (passenger side of trunk) back and inspect the wires. You will find one or more broken. If you have any electrical skills, it is an easy fix. Good luck!

How do you replace a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer shift cable?

Buy the Cable , then remove the screws that hold the broken cable and attach the new cable back.

How do you open hood on 98 vw beetle if release mechanism is broken not plastic tab?

To open the hood on a 1998 Volkswagen Beetle if the release mechanism is broken, it is necessary to remove the back seat and locate the broken part of the cord and pull on it. If the trunk mechanism breaks it will be necessary to crawl under the vehicle to locate the broken cord.

On a 2000 Cavalier the trunk release lever does not open the trunk and after tracing it back saw that the cable is not connected on inside of trunk and need help figuring out how to connect it?

On the inside of the trunk lid there is a little plastic black box that attaches to the release mechanism on the bottom of the trunk lid (where the lid meets the latch). On one side of this black box, there is a cable running out that runs up to the key. On the other side, you can either attach an auto trunk pop solenoid, or a release cable that runs inside your car to a handle. There is a rectangular cover on the black box that you will need to pry up with a screwdriver. Pry this lid open, and you will see a little orange thing in there. Take your cable and place it inside of this orange "hook". The cable has a ball on the end of it, and the ball on the cable needs to sit inside of the orange "hook". Then, make sure the cable is properly seated inside of the little black box, and push the cover closed. Make sure the cover snaps all the way around, or the cable might fall out again.

How do you open the gas door on a 1996 Toyota Avalon you cannot even pry it open?

You should be able to get access to it thru the trunk. Pull back the carpet/plastic on that side and find the cable going to the lid. Even if the cable is broken midway, you should be able to open it by pulling on the very end of the cable near the lid.

On a 1986 hardtop Corvette how can you open the rear hatch if solonoid is not workingthanks?

you need to crawl in the back of the trunk, where the latch is for the trunk, next to it on left side there is a cable that you can pull to manually relese the trunk/hatch.

Why will my clutch pedel not come back from the floor?

Clutch pressure plate fork broken or cable broken if so equipped.

Vw passat electric trunk won't open even with the key?

If the actuator cable breaks then the key and the interior release both don't work. It needs to be replaced. If your trunk has a manual release inside then you can pull the back seats down and reach in to release it. Then undo one screw in the interior handle and pop out the plastic covering on the trunk. Then you will be able to see the cables. Good luck. Check out youtube.

How would you open the hood of a 1997 SC1 Saturn with a broken release cable?

look under the dash and find the broken end peel the case back until you can grab the broken piece with vicegrips then pull someone pushing down on the front of the hood will help release it do this all at the same time

The trunk is locked key wont open is there a release button for a 05 dodge magnum?

You might have to crawl intoi the trunk thru the back seat to release it..

Can you release the parking brake if the cable brakes ON A 2004 AVALANCHE 1500 CHEVY?

parking brake is held on by a ratchet inside the car, ,so if the cable is broken your brakes will not be locked onif they are, you have more than a broken cable problem.--------------I beg to differ. It may be that it's only the release cable that is broken. This was the case in my older (79) Chevy Malibu. It wasn't the actual brake cable that broke. So my parking brake was stuck on. Ok then i did find a little lever part that i could pull back on beneath the dash, it was sort of connected to the parking brake pedal base. Look underneath the dash by the ebrake pedal, see if you can trace the route from the release handle to where its little pull cable might attach. That is the point where you would want to pull back to release the pedal. it worked for me, but of course it's a different type of Chevy. Just be careful as those moving parts will then release and you want to keep your fingers safe.--purry1

How do you fix the Front seat of an Audi a3 3 door that won't push back..... I think the cable is broken?

Replace the cable.

Where is the hood release latch on a 1995 Cutlass?

It's on the back near the trunk.

Can't open the trunk lost the keys keyless entry does not work nor will the access button inside the car is there some module that can be replaced or can a key be cut to replace the lost one?

I f you can get in the car pull down back seats crawl into the trunk and pull the emergency release cable then check solenoid that releases trunk lock

How do you release the trunk on a 1999 Monte Carlo?

There should be a yellow button on the drivers side below the stearing and to the left just push it and it should open,or use your door pass key or take your back seat out crawl into trunk and there should be a small cable pull it and it should open.

How do you release the emergency brake on a Chevy Suburban when the emergency brake release lever is broken?

There is a small metal lever back by where the foot lever rotates (normally the release cable is hooked into it) Pull it forward and the foot lever will release - careful it doesn't smack you in the face!

How can i get the trunk to open on my 2001 neon?

If you do not have a yellow trunk release button in the glove box. there is an emergancy release handle inside of the trunk. Fold down your rear seat back and there is a white plastic handle pull it and the trunck will open.

How do you manually open fuel flap on c230?

Should be a release handle on the inside of the trunk behind the right side trunk panel. you can just pry the trunk panel back and reach your hand inside and grab the release handle

Where is trunk release fuse Infiniti g35?

The problem probably isn't your fuse. The wiring that goes into the trunk lid is most likely cut because of a bad design. There are 8 wires going into the trunk (4 positives + 4 black colored grounds). The trunk release, two back up lights and a believe the 4th set of wiring is for the spoiler brake light if equipped, but not sure. Access the trunk by using the emergency release lever mid way down the trunk lid. You can get to it via the back seat opening. Once the trunk is open. Look on the right side you will see a black wire loom going into the trunk lid. Cut it open with a razor blade. You will see broken wires in there. I had 4 broken wires (3 ground and one positive) Fix the wiring by adding on a little extra and soldiering like colored pieces together. The wiring in the trunk is basically just to short so I would consider fixing all 8 wires and stuffing the extra length into the body of the car and trunk lid.

What do i do when the back speaker doesn't work?

check for a broken wire at the speaker happens all the time from putting stuff in the trunk