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How do you remove a factory install radio from a 1993 Mazda 929?


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If you look at the radio/cassette part (the separate CD part below as well) you'll notice two little indents on each side. (They may be covered with little rubber plugs.) There's an inexpensive tool, that looks like a tiny metal u-shaped wicket, that inserts into the small indents and pops the unit. The radio removal tool is sometimes listed as a Ford part. IMPORTANT: The 1992-95 Mazda 929 radio has a theft-deterant feature that disables the radio when it is removed. When it is reinserted you have to type in the four digit code to reactivate. If the wrong code is put in three times it permanently disables the unit. You need to know this four digit code BEFORE removing the unit. If you do not know the code , check your owners manual on how to input a four digit code of your choosing before taking out the unit.