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It's a pretty effective immobiliser. What happens is the immobiliser unit sends a coded message to the engine management computer, and without it, it's a no-go situation. There's no amount of re-wiring going to bypass the thing, although I have seen a couple of websites which offer to 'unlock' your immobiliser so that it permanenly sends to correct code, without the need to see a keyfob again. Probably best to try a Google.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-12 15:49:45
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Q: How do you remove an immobilizer from a Renault Espace?
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How do you remove an immobilizer from a Renault clio?

burn it

When was Renault Espace created?

Renault Espace was created in 1984.

How do you remove the rear window winder on 2002 Renault espace?

Just pull it!

How do you replace rear springs on Renault espace?

how do you replace the rear springs on a renault espace

How do you remove an alternator on a Renault grand espace 2.2dci 2005?

Remove front bumper for full access

What is the body type of Renault Espace cars?

The body type of Renault Espace cars is made of fiberglass. It is mounted on a warm-steel mounted chassis. The same way most cars are done by Renault Espace.

Do Renault Espace II seats fit in an Espace III?


Why does your Renault kangoo immobilizer light keeps flashing and will not start?

The key is faulty or the immobilizer will not accept the code. remove the battery for 30 mins to allow the system to reset.

Repalace Fan belt diagram Renault espace 2001?

1999 Model Renault espace 2.0 litres 16 valve diagram

Renault espace heater stopped working?

how easy is it to replace heater 1994 espace?

Where is the fuel filter on the Renault espace?

hi, can anybody help. Does anybody out there know the best way to drain the petrol tank on a renault espace 2004

How do you lock the front door of a Renault espace L reg without using the key?

To lock the front door on a Renault Espace without using the key, locate the central locking button on the dashboard and press it. Renault has been producing the Espace since 1984.

Remove heater matrix Renault espace?

with a gallon of petrol and a lighter lol, or i can give you the scrap man's number that i used.

How do you remove the immobilizer on a Renault megavan 1.9 diesel?

You dont! If is on and the key will not work you need the key reprograming. Your local dealer will do it

How do you remove the inside door cover of a Renault espace?

2 screws at bottom take cover off grab handle remove 2 10m bolts

Does the 2001 Renault megane have an immobilizer?


Where can one purchase a Grand Espace Renault?

There are a number of places one can purchase a Grand Espace Renault. One can purchase from their local Renault dealer or go to Auto Trader, AOL Motors or ebay Motors.

Where is Renault espace windscreen wash bottle?

at the front o/s wing! you will need to remove the plastic wheel arch guard to get to it.

How do you remove glow plugs from Renault Espace 2.2TD?

hi there you have to remove the top engine mount and inlet manifold about 15 bolts its a bit potchy to get out and then you can get at the heater plugs

How do you change spark plugs on a Renault espace?

2 ways easiest is too remove inlet manifold other is too remove engine 3 ltrs only

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I think its a secret

Where do you get the number for gearbox in Renault espace?

It is by the drive shaft.

How do I change cambelt on 2002 2.2 tdi renault espace?

To change the cambelt on 2002 2.2 tdi renault espace, you must preferably take your car to the nearest Renault station as the car's pumping mechanism is very complicated.

How do you remove Renault espace driver's seat?

Dissarm air bags, slide it along its track to find torx mounting bolts - four of them. Remove these and unplug the airbag wiring.

Does 2008 Renault grand espace 2.0d have timing belt or chain?

My Espace 2.0 dCi has a M9R engine and Renault told me it has a Timing Chain. Call them on 01923895000