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How do you remove broken bolts?


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2015-07-15 19:25:38
2015-07-15 19:25:38

If you can get at them with a drill buy an easyout which is like a drill bit but the threads are backwards. The size of the bolts will determine the size of the easyout and the size of the drill bit to use. Drill a hole down through the middle of the bolt and then insert the easyout and turn counter clockwise. The bolt should come loose. Soak the bolt first with liquid wrench or some other penetrating fluid to loosen up, the longer the better. If you have room to put a pair of vise grips on the bolt then this method would be easier. The secret is to soak with the liquid wrench for as long as possible.

I have used the PB Penetrating Catalyst to unfasten one of the rusted and broken bolt on my old brake caliper. It took few spray and overnight to break the tought broken bolt but it's better than drilling the threads in my opinion. This product is amazing and I have told my friends to try this as well.


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First get under the car, and remove the 4 bolts/nuts securing the seat base.

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TAke the bolts soose that hold it on. It is an assembly.

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Depends on which pulley but most have several bolts holding them on. You can remove the broken bolt or simply not worry about it.

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Undo front pipe from manifold. Remove the bolts holding manifold to the cylinder head. Take manifold to machine shop to get it planed straight. Reverse proceedure to install. You will probably have broken bolts (very common problem on this vehicle) so they will need to be extracted. Not the job for at home unless there are no broken bolts but the rearmost bolts usually are broken.

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remove the trim from the interior of the lift gate. There is access to the connecting rods that will release the catch from the Nader bolts.

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