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How do you remove door panels of a 1993 Mercury Capri?

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after replacing my speakers and a recent broken door handle I feel very qualified to answer this lol... start by popping off the front cover of the door pull and remove the two large screws there. Next there are two screws on the front side facing the mirror that need to be removed., also the small screw in the door handle needs removed. There are two large screws holding your map pocket on that need removed. the map pocket will come off easily... underneath you will find the rest of the screws that need removed all the way up the the back side of the door. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT remove the plastic pop off piece in the triangle cover thing that covers your mirror bolt on the indside... removed the nut, and plastic cover. Now the fun part... You have two options. 1 removed the panel and weather striping as one, or remove the weather striping first. either way be careful that stuff is getting old these days, but easily replaced... when you begin to pull the panel away you need to slip the door handle through its little hole, and disconnect the power window switch. putting the weather stripping back on is the hardest part of reassembly... and getting it to fit back on just right just like every other car in the world... good luck


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How do you replace a starter in a 1993 mercury capri?

Remove the positive cable from your 1993 Mercury battery. Remove the cables from the front of the starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new starter.

How much engine oil does 1993 mercury capri hold?

A 1993 Mercury Capri (with the 1.6 4 cylinder DOHC engine) requires 3.2 quarts of oil.

Will a auotmatic transmission from a 1991 Mercury Capri work in a 1993 Mercury Capri?

yes it will, just put a 91 in my me if you

1993 mercury capri center wheel inserts where can i find?


Spark plug gap for 1993 Ford Capri?

The spark plug gap for a 1993 Mercury Capri 1.6 L - DOHC - 4 cylinder engine is : ( .044 inch )

What size gas tank is on a 1993 Mercury Capri 5 speed?

10 gallon

How do you replace the clutch in a 1993 Mercury Capri?

Look in this web site for complete instructions:

Is there a fuel pump access panel on a 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

No, you will have to remove the tank.The 1993-1997 Intrepids where the only ones with access panels.No, you will have to remove the tank.The 1993-1997 Intrepids where the only ones with access panels.

Are 1993 Mercury Capri parts compatible with the 1994 Capri?

Most parts on the cars are interchangeable from 91' to 94' the only things you have to watch is the convertale tops.

Where is the external voltage regulator found on a 1993 Mercury Capri?

As far as I know thevoltageregulstor is integral to the alternator.

Where is the location of the fuel pump relay on a 1993 Mercury Capri?

I do bleave thet is under the back seat(just remove the seat and there is a plate there for the fuel pump) I think it is ther But I may be rong.

Need wiring diagram for cooling fans for 93 Mercury Capri?

You can find the wiring diagram for the 1993 mercury capri at the following site. This manual is very acurate for all the things pertaining to the 90's capri. This site has just about everything you need for this little car. Good luck.

How do you change clutch on 1993 mercury capri? link will give you all of the information you will need

Where is the oil sending unit located on the engine of a 4 cylinder of a 1993 mercury capri?

it is just above oil filter to the left

How do you remove an alternator from a 1993 Mercury Capri?

1st, disconnect the battery. Then remove the 2 bolts that hold it in place. The one on the top of the alternator is accessable from the top and fairly easy to get to. The bottom one is a little tricker.. You have to remove the front wheel. Then there is a plastic access panel that needs removed. After removing that you have access to remove the bottom bolt. Then remove the wires.. there you have it !

Why does your 1993 Mercury Capri fuel gauge not work?

Most likely it is the fuel level sending unit that has gone bad. This would have to be replaced.

How do you remove main fuse 1993 mercury villager?

Look in the fusebox.

Where is the horn located on a 1993 Mercury Capri?

THE HORN ON A 1991 MERCURY CAPRI IS LOCATED UNDER THE HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, it is located under the Driver's side headlight tray (look from underneath car and you'll see it). Give it a good spray with WD-40 or PB Blaster if it's not working...

What is the spark plug gap in a 1993 Mercury Capri 1.6 liter engine?

I looked in a repair manual and it said that the gap for a 1.6 l is .040

Can you put a hard top instead of a soft one on a Capri Mercury 1993?

yes it comes with hard top a toneau top and soft top.

How do you remove door panels on a 1993 corvette?

The 1993 Chevrolet Corvette inside door panels are held in place with eight retaining clips and two retaining bolts. The retaining bolts will be near the door handle. Remove the retaining bolts and pry outward on the retaining clips.

How do you replace a fuel level sending unit in a 1993 Mercury Capri?

Remove the rear seat...You'll see the sending unit with the connectors(it's a metal plate)...Remove all the screws,unplug the connectors and hoses and the whole sending unit comes out in one piece....It's very easy//

To change the drivers side power window motor on a 1993 Mercury Capri are there compatible parts you can use or do you have to use that specific motor?

check on eBay for a power window motor. from what i have heard its only 1991 -1994 mercery capri only

How do you change the fuel pump on a 1993 Mercury Capri?

you will need to pull the gas tank out N0 Need to pull the tank, see answer in other questions on this. Bob

Where is the coolant temperature sensor located on a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

The coolant temperature sensor on a 1993 Mercury Topaz is located at the rear of the engine. To get to it, you have to remove the driver side fan.