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How do you remove front rotor on a 1997 Suburban 34 ton 4X4?

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How do you remove a WARN front rotor from a 1997 Suburban The brake rotor needs to be replaced and will not come off?

after removing the tire you need to remove the caliper wich is relativly easy turn the steering weel to the outer position depending wich side you are on and remove the two bolts holding the caliper that will release the disc good loock.

How do you remove grill from 1997 Chevy Suburban?

How do I get the front grill off my 1997 Chevy suburban? I've removed the six visible screws holding it in place, but it still won't come out..

Need location of expansion valve on a 1997 Chevrolet Suburban?

Where is front expansion valve for chevy suburban 1997

How do you change the front brake rotor on a 1997 f 150 4X4?

you have to press the wheel studs out of hub after you remove it from the spindle

How do you remove a stuck front brake rotor on a 1997 Saturn SL1?

Get a big hammer and beat it off. Spray penetrating fluid where you think it may get into the rotor to hub surface.

How do you remove a front brake rotor on a 1997 Chevy k2500?

The complete hub and rotor assembly have to be removed in order to drive out wheel studs to separate the rotor from the hub. So, remove wheel, remove caliper, remove caliper bracket, remove axle retaining nut, remove 4 bolts holding hub assembly to spindle, dissconnect ABS sensor harness, remove hub assembly, remove all wheel studs then separate rotor from hub.

Change front brake rotors on 1997 Dodge Intrepid?

Remove caliper, pull rotor off hub, push new one on.

How do you remove rotor on a 1997 Ford 250 diesel?

you take it out

Do you need to separate the steering knuckle in order to remove brake rotor on a 1997 Honda Accord?

no, remove the caliper and the caliper mountaing bracket, if it is on the front you may have to remove the axle not but there is no need to remove any steering part

How do you change front rotors on a 1997 F350?

remove tires and place a pry bar between the rotor and the back plate and strike with hammer or mallet

How do you remove rotors on 1997 dodge vans?

Remove wheels Remove 2 caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotor Rotor should slide off hub

How do you replace the front wheel bearings on a 1997 Ford F150 4x4?

remove wheels.remove brake calipers, remove 4x4 locking hub.with special socket remove axle locking nut. brake rotor will the slide off enabling you to change bearings

Replace front wheel bearing - 1997 Honda Civic?

Remove lug nuts & tire, remove rotor. Then must remove brake caliper - 2 bolts. Then must remove hub bolts behind rotor that holds hub to steering knuckle, 3 bolts. Remove bearing hub assembly and wiring attached to it. Takes experienced mechanic 1/2 hour or so.

How do you Change the thermostat in a 1997 suburban?

Where is the thermostat on a 1997 chevy suburban and how do you change it?

How do you replace front brake rotors for a 1997 Chrysler sebring is there a nut to be removed or do the rotors slide off?

when you remove the caliper on the disk brake by removing the bolts on the inside of the caliper the rotor just slides off, the only thing holding the rotor in place is the wheel.

How do remove the front rotors on a 1997 Grand Marquis?

remove stud locks

How do you remove front bumper 1997 silverado?

Unscrew it.

How do you remove the front brake rotor on a 1997 F150 4X4?

Remove the caliper bolts, and then you have to remove the hub and bearing assembly. It's under the dust cap. After you remove the dust cap, you'll see a cotter key holding a washer in place. Remove this and that will grant you access to the nut that you need to remove to get the bearing and hub off. Once you do that, the rotor should come right off. If it's really rusted, you might need to use a puller.

What is the standard freon capacity of a 1997 Chevy Suburban?

There are two types of air conditioning types found in the 1997 Chevrolet Suburban. The front only ac systems have a Freon capacity of 36 ounces, while the front and rear ac systems have a capacity of 64 ounces.

What is the biggest wheel you could put on a 1997 suburban 1500 fwd b4 you have to change the rotor?

i know you can put 24 inch wheels on stock rotors

How do you remove the brake rotors on a 1997 jeep wrangler Sahara?

Remove wheels Remove 2 caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotor and support so flexible brake line is not stressed Rotor should slide off

How do you remove the rotor from a 1997 dodge b2500 van?

Remove tire and brake caliper.Use a flat screwdriver to remove the dust cap closest to you, then the cotter pin, then the castle nut, then the flat nut, then slide out the rotor.Make sure the replacement rotor has fully greased bearings installed. Use a new cotter pin.

How do you replace front brakes on a 1997 grand am?

Remove wheels Re-install 2 lug nuts to hold rotor in place Remove caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotor Use a "C" clamp to fully retract piston into caliper body Replace inner and outer pads Re-install caliper PUMP BRAKE PEDAL TO SET PADS AGAINST ROTOR PRIOR TO MOVING VEHICLE

How do you remove side mirrors from 1997 GMC Suburban?

It varys from each car but I think you have to take off the door panel. Next you locate the bolts and remove from there.

What is the Minimum rotor thickness for a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville?

The rotor thickness for your 1997 Pontiac Bonneville is 0.75. When the rotor falls below this thickness a certified mechanic can no longer use the rotor.

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