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How do you remove or replace the side front light bulb on a Isuzu Trooper?


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2011-09-13 06:18:28
2011-09-13 06:18:28

There is one Phillips head screw on the top of the asseembly, close to the headlight. Remove the screw, and there will be a ball and socket connection holding the assembly in place. Gently pull the top of the assembly toward the front of the truck. Then use a long screwdriver to gently pry the bottom toward the front of the truck. Keep alternating between the top and bottom, prying it a little at a time. Eventually, the unit will pop out.


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wear gloves, bearings all come out. then you have to remove the sensor off the back of it. along with 6 17mm bolts. How do you change the rotors in the front on a 1998 Isuzu Trooper

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How do I remove the front shock bottle pin of my Isuzu rodeo 2000

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The thermostat on a 1998 Isuzu Trooper is located on the front of the motor. It is in the top radiator hose where it connects to the motor. To access the thermostat, the hose needs to be disconnected from the motor.

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my 1995 Trooper had same problem it was the crankshaft position sensor located on the middle passenger side of the motor. I will remove the passenger side front tire and it is behind the shock, tight fit but can be done.

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