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The only tools you'll need for this is a screwdriver and possibly an extra pair of hands (an assistant). Firstly, unscrew all the screws. There's usually one in the small door pocket, one in the inside door handle, one where the mirror adjuster stick is and one in the large door pocket. Pull away the plastic triangle surrounding the mirror adjuster stick and leave it hanging. Then pull away the oval shaped plastic surrounding the inside door handle, starting from the left. When the left side comes away, you should be able to slide it to the right, making it unclip. When unclipped, pull away from the panel and leave hanging. Next, start to pull your door panel away, starting in the bottom right corner and working your way up the side. The panel is connect by little plastic plugs which usually just pull straight out. Some people have found one or two of them to brake during the pulling, so have a few spare incase. When the right side is pulled off, work your way along the bottom then up the left side until your left with just the top side connected. To get it completely off, simply either pull down, pull out or a combination of the both. Hopefully you should have your door panel off in one piece. I imagine this is the same for the passenger side but I havn't tried it. To put back together, just reverse your steps!

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Q: How do you remove the driver door panel of your 1998 r reg ford fiesta?
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