How do you remove the drivers side door panel on a 2003 Ford E-150 Van Chateau Package with power windows and door locks?

Remove the black plastic covering from the top corner of the door panel (the piece that covers the bolts that hold the mirror in place) by pulling it straight out. It is held in place by single clip that will give if you apply enough force. Remove the screw that is underneath that attaches the top of the door panel. Remove the screw at the bottom left corner of the door panel. Using a flat head screw driver, pry the plastic piece behind the door handle out. There is a small tab in this to insert the tip of the screw driver. Behind this piece are two screws. One holds the door handle in place, and the other attaches to the door panel. Remove the one holding the door panel. Remove the controls for the windows and door locks by inserting the screw driver in the slot on the unit (similar slot to the one by the door handle). Remove the screw underneath that attaches to the door panel. Working your way around the door panel, loosen all of the edges from the door frame. Lift the door panel straight up and out.