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How do you remove the fan clutch on a 1996 Suburban?

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If it's the same as my 1997 5.7, then you need a special wrench to fit the large, left handed thread nut that fastens it to the water pump. Most of these wrenches come as a set, with several sizes to fit Ford & Chevrolets, plus a fixture to hold the pulley still as you apply torque to the nut.

You can go out and buy a special fan clutch wrench set. Or just do it the shade tree way. Using a good heavy hammer and a long chiesel. position the chiesel on the fan clutch nut and smack the sucker. Make sure to leave the belt on and check to see if the clutch is left hand thread or not!

2015-07-15 21:04:08
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Q: How do you remove the fan clutch on a 1996 Suburban?
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How do you remove the fan clutch from 93 suburban theres no nut on shaft.?

the fan clutch is attached with one large nut that is part of the clutch assembly .NOTE the the cluth has LEFT HAND thread.

How do you remove fan clutch of a 1985 buick regal?

Remove the fan itself then remove the clutch from the fan

How do you remove or free the fan clutch assembly on a 1996 Dodge Ram Van?

With a fan clutch removal tool from an auto parts store.

How do you remove the fan clutch on a 1996 Chevy 4.3?

Type yourdsfsdf answer here... 

Chevy 1996 z71 how to remove fan clutch blade to get to timing chain?

Unless the fan clutch is bad just remove it with the water pump. Otherwise it is a 36mm fan clutch wrench that most auto parts stores have for rent.

Which direction do you turn the clutch fan nut to remove the fan on a 1996 Chevy vortec?

Lefty loosey, righty tighty.

How do you remove the fan clutch on a 2001 Ford Ranger?

you have to have fan clutch wrenches

How do you replace the fan clutch on a 1999 Tahoe?

Remove the fan belt, by loosening the tensioner pulley. Remove the fan clutch with the retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new fan clutch.

How do you remove fan clutch on 1996 7.3 e-350?

clutch fan is removed with 2 special tools. these are available at auto stores.they are not cheap. also remember the clutch fan screws onto water pump, and has left hand thread,so you will need to turn it clockwise to remove

How do you remove a fan clutch on a Chevy Tahoe?

To remove the fan clutch on a Chevy Tahoe, the upper fan shroud must first be removed. Once removed, a tool is needed to hold the clutch in place to allow for the fan to be removed. The nuts must be unscrewed on the fan in a counterclockwise rotation. Remove the nuts on all side and the fan clutch will remove.

How do know on 1996 suburban 5.7 if the fan clutch nut is left hand threads or right hand threads?

The fan itself rotates CCW. The clutch nut is standard right hand thread, lefty loosey, righty tighty.

Removing the clutch fan on a BMW 530i?

how to remove the clutch fan on the 530i bmw

Water pump 1999 suburban?

To to take the fan clutch off. Remove hoses. Use permatex when putting new one on. Autozone has fan clutch removal tool. Very helpful. Thanks..good luck

How do you remove fan from 1993 ford econoline e150 4.9liter 6 cylinder?

You need to rent or buy a fan clutch removal tool kit. you need to remove the fan and clutch as one before you can separate the fan from the clutch.

How do you remove the plastic fan enclosure on a 2000 V6 Dakota?

remove the fan clutch and fan first

How do you remove a fan clutch from a 1996 Dodge 2500 van?

You need to buy the special wrench for it or make one of your own.

How do you replace a fan clutch on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

How to remove fan clutch on 2003 ford explorer

How do you change fan clutch on 3500 ram 5.9L does it take a fan clutch tool?

Yes it takes a 36mm wrench and a holder for the pulley to remove the fan clutch,

How do you change the clutch fan on a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee straight 6?

remove fan belt fan clutch scres off the water pump this is usually a left hand thread so in this case it will be righty loosy lefty tighty remove fan blades before you remove fan clutch

1992 BMW 318i fan clutch removal?

how do you remove the fan clutch on a 1992 318i 1.8 liter?

How do you remove clutch fan from 1993 explorer?

to remove a clutch fan on a ford, you need special tools . also fan thread is left hand thread ,so you unscrew it clockwise

How Remove fan blade from 1999 Dodge 3.9 magnum?

The wench will be used to remove the clutch fan nut. Remove the nuts holding the fan then remove the fan blade.

How do you remove a fan clutch on a 1997 S10 pickup 2.2L?

The fan clutch on a 1997 S10 has a bolt on the center of the front. Remove the bolt while holding the clutch still. There is a special tool to grab the clutch fan from the rear to hold it while removing the bolt.

How do you remove the radiator fan clutch on 1994 Mazda B-4000 truck?

how do you remove the fan clutch on a 1994 mazda b 4000 4.0

Why does My 2000 Suburban sounds like an airplane is taking off?

The cooling system fan clutch is frozen and locked up. Replacement of fan clutch is necessary to correct the problem.