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My vehicle is a 1999 Dodge Durango, I cannot speak for cetain on other models. To remove the fan shroud, you have to remove the fan and clutch at the same time. To get the fan off can be a pain. Disconnect your negative battery cable first. Look downward behind the fan and you'll see a large nut (about 1 7/16") attaching the fan clutch to the water pump pulley. You have to turn this bolt counter clockwise while keeping the water pump pulley from turning. There are 3 possible ways to do this.

1) Press down hard on the serpentine belt and hope it keeps the pulley from rotating with the nut.

2) Take of the serpentine belt and use a strap wrench to hold the pulley.

3) Make your own tool taking advantage of the holes drilled in the water pump pulley to hold it in place.

Once that nut is broken loose, DON'T REMOVE it yet. There are four bolts to remove on the fan shroud. Two on the top and two underneath. Take all four out, pop the shroud out from the radiator, and move it over the fan. Now take the fan clutch nut the rest of the way off and lift out the fan, clutch, and shroud together.

<< I had no luck with these options. I was able to get the fan clutch off using a 6" C-clamp on the water pump pulley and a 10" pipe wrench with the help of a cheater bar (metal pipe) for leverage on the pipe wrench. Crank the C-Clamp on as tight as possible on the water pump pulley but out of the way of the nut so you can lock the pipe wrench onto the nut. Use the pipe wrench and cheater bar to loosen the large fan nut. The pully (and C-clamp) will rotate initially until the C-clamp jams up against the engine block.

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Q: How do you remove the fan shroud on a dodge durango?
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