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How do you remove the front door panel on a 2001 GMC Sierra?

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2011-09-13 06:22:18

The original answer was wrong and confusing. So here are

detailed step by step instructions. please forgive my bad grammar.

- Tomyk89

there is a 7mm screw on the inside of the door handle (not the

handle that opens the door).

now pop off the power window and lock cover and unplug the

harness, there is another 7mm screw in there.

along the bottom of the door panel in the middle is the last 7mm


once those 3 screws are taken off, all that's left is to pop off

the plastic cover on the inside part of the mirror, and the plastic

cover that surrounds the door opening handle.

now LIFT STRAIGHT UP on the door panel, do not pull out on the

bottom or anywhere, as you could break the mounts. the door panel

should fairly easily slide upwards.

now unplug the tweeter speaker wire, seat warmer wire (if

applicable), and also the wire to the light & reflector on the

bottom of the door panel.

now the panel should be completely detached from the door, and

your good to go!

  • to replace panel, plug back in all wire harnesses, pop out

    sliding lock on the door panel, slide the door panel downwards back

    onto the door. replace the sliding lock, along with the mirror

    plastic and door handle plastic. replace all 3 screws as mentioned

    above. replace power window and lock wire harness and reattach to

    door panel.

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