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Should be 4 bolts--one in each corner

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Q: How do you remove the front seats on a 98 grand am?
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Remove front fender on 98 Ford Escort?

To remove the Front Fender on the 98 Ford escort you need a tool box. A tool box will enable you open the bolts.

How do you remove the back seat on 98 Hyundai Elantra?

* On fixed seats remove the bolts at base of the seat back sidecushions and detach them.Remove the two bolts at the rear of the seat cushion and detach the cushion assembly.Remove the two bolts at the base and remove the seat back * On folding seats remove the two bolts at the front of the seat cushions and detach the cushion assembly.Fold the seat backs forward remove the bolts and lift the assembly out

Where is the coolant sensor in a 98 grand am?

sensor is located on coolant housing at engine front

How do you know if you car has infintity audio system in an 98 eclipse?

there should be an amp under one of the front seats.

Will 02 tahoe seats fit in 98 tahoe?

Seats from a 02 Tahoe will not fit in a 98 Tahoe. The 98 Tahoe is smaller than the 02.

Will 02 tahoe seats fit in 98 tahoe-?

Seats for a 02 Tahoe will not fit in a 98 Tahoe. The reason they will not fit is because the 98 is to old.

Where is the oil pump in a 98 Plymouth grand voyager?

It is inside the front of the engine, on the nose of the crankshaft.

Move seats forward and backards in a 98 Lincoln Navigator?

My 98 navigator has buttons on the knobs on the side of the seats.

How do you get a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo out of 4x4 when there is no 2wd selector?

You don't! the NP249 in your grand has only 4 high neutral and 4 low. 2wd isn't an option. Correct, but you could remove the front drive shaft from the transfer case.

How do you flip up the front seats on a 98 wrangler for back seat access?

Lever behind passenger seat. flips front seat forward and leans it ip

How many seats does a 98 supra have?

2 seats Passenger + Driver

Where is the distributor in a 98' Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.0 engine?

It is on the passenger side, on the front head.

Does a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee have vacuumed hubs in the front?

No. The only disconnect is inside the transfer case.

Where is the sunroof motor located on a 98 grand Cherokee limited?

It is just above the front dome lamps.

Is it necessary to remove the gas tank to acess the fuel pump on a 98 jeep grand Cherokee?


Does the 1993 Grand Am do good in snow?

I live in montana and we get some serious snow. I have a 98 Pontiac grand am and it does well since its a front wheel drive.

How do you remove the front door panels on a 98 Toyota T100 Extended Cab to replace speakers?

You don't need to remove front door panels, the speaker grills come out.

What is a k5273 ball joint on your car?

1997-98 Pontiac Grand Am front lower ball joint. This is part of the steering and front suspension of the vehicle.

Will a 94 grand am engine fit in a 98 grand am?

will a 94 grand am with a 2.3 engine work for a 98 grand am with a 2.4 engine

How do replace back speakers on a 98 Nissan maxima?

I had a very hard time with my back speakers. I had to remove the back seats so I could remove the parcel shelf and speakers. Then I did the same thing in reverse with my new speakers lol. I am NOT looking forward to doing the front speakers/tweeters. Haha Khloe :)

What is the Sequence to bleed brakes on 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The bleeding sequence is back right,back left,front right,front left works on the later 98's to 2004 jeep grand cherokees

Does a front drivers door of a 1994 Cherokee Grand Laredo fit a 1996 model?

NO 96 & 98 are interchangeable (doors)

How do you change front wheel bearings in 98 dodge durango four wheel drive?

With the 98 Durango safely lifted, remove the front wheel. Remove the locking hub. The hub removal is different depending on the hub type. Remove the brake caliper. Remove the axle nut, and slide off the bearing housing. The inner and outer bearings and races should be replaced.

How do you rempve 98 Kia Sportage calliper?

jack up sportage, remove front wheels, remove 2 bolts on rear side of each caliper and remove calipers.

Where do you find the airbag sensor on a 98 maxima?

The airbag sensors are located under the center armrest console. The console is the part between the 2 front seats.