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This depends. Is your omni a carbureted or fuel injected model? For the carbureted model, the fuel pump is located on the engine block. I am not sure of the exact location because I do not have my repair manuel with me, but you will find it if you follow the fuel line from the tank to the engine compartment. There should be two bolts holding it to the block and of course, the fuel line runnint to and from it (remember to mark these be cause it matters how you connect them back). Unbolt the pump and remove it from the block. Make sure you have a new gasket to use when replacing the pump. Clean both mating surfaces to ensure good gasket contact, replace the pump, ensuring that the pump lever is installed so that the cam lobe correctly moves the lever (it should easily do this). I recommend you use a thread locking compound (locktite red should work) when tightneing down the bolts. Lastly re-attach the fuel lines to the pump. For a fuel injected model, the pump is in the tank. You will see the retaining ring on the passenger side of the tank when looking at it from under the car. I have never removed one as my fuel pump is in good shape, but it does not look hard to do. You wil have 3 or 4 rubber hoses connected to the pump (again mark them all) and some electrical connections (mark them too). Your tank should be as empty as you can get it before you do this. Then jack up the passenger side of the car and place jack stands under it. disconnect all the hoses and electrical connections then remove the pump (make sure you get new seals/gaskets to use when putting in the new pump), and swap everything out. (oh yeah, the lines are under pressure, so be careful when pulling out the hoses you WILL get fuel coming out of the hose.

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Q: How do you remove the fuel pump on a 1987 dodge omni?
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When was Dodge Omni created?

Dodge Omni was created in 1978.

Where is the fuel pump located in a 1987 dodge omni?

The fuel pump is located in the gas tank. The gas tank needs to be drained before removing the fuel pump. This usually means removing the tank entirely first before doing any work with the fuel pump. The fuel pump on a 1987 Omni is located on the front of the engine. The fuel pump on 1988-90 Omni's are located in the gas tank because they use fuel injection. Pre-1988 Omni's use a carburetor and therefore have the mechanical fuel pump mounted on the front of the engine.

What causes the engine to run on diesel on a 1987 dodge omni 2.2 4-cylinder .?

Overheating, carbon buildup, defective fuel pressure regulator, defective injectors that are bleeding off.

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1986 dodge omni?

This depends. Is your omni a carbureted or fuel injected model? For the carbureted model, it should be located on the carburetor where the fuel line screws into the carburetor. For a fuel injected model, it should be under the car on the passenger side in-between the gas tank and the rear passenger foot well.

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Disconnect the - battery cable Lift and safely secure vehicle Remove wires from starter Remove mounting bolts Drop starter

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