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How do you remove the half axles from the transmission on a 1991 Nissan Stanza?


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2015-07-15 19:55:00
2015-07-15 19:55:00

-Pull pins and loosen nuts on both wheels. If you have to buy a bar get

the 3/4" drive... I've broken a 1/2" bar. Loosen lug nuts at this point to

save trouble later.

-Drain transmission... or you'll have a mess later.

-Get the car in the air. I usually put 4 pieces of 2x4 on top of a rim under

the frame at the front jack point... then put jack stand under frame at

outside edge of radiator.

-Remove wheels and set empty 5gal can at the rear of each wheel well

(If available)

-Remove axle nuts.

-Remove clip holding brake hose and lift hose out.

-Remove two nuts on bottom of wheel assemble.

-Remove two bolts on strut.

-Tap on axle to remove from hub as you put assemble on top of 5 gal


-Repeat procedure on other side.

-On passenger side... get under car and remove bolts (3) on axle housing.

Pull housing away from alignment pin... may need some prying here. Once

the housing falls away the axle can be removed.

-Insert a long screw driver in the transmission hole and hit the axle on the

driver side to knock it out... not too hard with the hammer.

Note. to reinstall driver side... put a little grease around retainer ring and push in hard by hand. Reverse the rest of the procedure. Good luck.


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how do you remove the transmission and cv axles on a 2004 kia rio ?

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This is not for beginners. You have to drain the transmission, remove the axles, remove the transmission, install the new cylinder, then replace the transmission, axles, add new synchromesh fluid to the tranny, and bleed the clutch hydraulics. You can get the whole procedure from Autozone's website.

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Well Maybe it is your transmission try checking the fluid and if it is low it wont move Also check your cv Axles they could be bad like mine were.

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You first remove the engine. Next, jack up the car and put it on stands. You've got to drain the transmission, remove the axles, front transmission mount, backup light wire, ground wire and shift linkage from the transmission. Lower the car to the ground and put a transmission jack under it. There are two bolts holding the back of the transmission to the car. Remove them, and the transmission will come out.

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You can use a large screwdriver placed between the inner bearing race and the transmission to CAREFULLY lever the drive axel out of the transmission.

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