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Harmonic balancer serviceThis requires a gear puller. Always note: A harmonic balancer is made of two parts. The two parts are metal and they are made to nest one inside the other. If you look at the balancer you will notice a ring somewhere in the device. This ring is made of isolation material. Never pull the balancer from any point outside the ring. It will likely separate the balancer at this intersection. On my 1996 van I used a two arm puller because the gaps in the "spokes" of the inner part allowed a two arm puller to be centere over the mounting bolt (center of pully). If two arm type does not work then a three arm puller will likely be the one you need. If the blancer does not have spokes then you will need a steering wheel type puller or a puller made specifically for you balancer. I have had to make pullers for older 1990 and earlier engines.

Once you have the correct puller you will need to remove the center mount bolt on the balancer. Usually you can then remove the washer that is used on this bolt and then re-install the bolt but do not thread it all the way in. You can now use the head of the bolt as the push point for the center bolt of the puller. install the puller of your choice and slowly and carefully tighten the pully . The balancer should slide slowly off the shaft.

To reinstall the balancer. align it with any keyways or other markers on the shaft. Push the balancer on far enough for the installation bolt to be used with the washer. Then use the installation bolt to pull the balancer into position.

Good luck.

You should be done at this point.

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Q: How do you remove the harmonic balancer from a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?
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lefty loosey righty tighty:)

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with a three jaw puller

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Harmonic balancer is bad and will need to be replaced.

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loosen the center bolt and get your self a harmonic balancer puller just make sure you loosen the center bolt enough but not too much but you need a balancer puller.

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The harmonic balancer does require a puller if that is what you are asking.The harmonic balancer does require a puller if that is what you are asking.

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Hi The 3.5L has a tapered shaft, you MUST use a balancer puller or you will damage the pulley. These pullers are under $30 bucks

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first jack up and support the front passengers side of the van then take the tire off then take the plastic splash guard off then you should be able to see the harmonic balancer from the wheel well opening then your going to need to take off the belt then put a harmonic balancer puller on it and crank it out harmonic balancer puller is absulutely needed to take the balancer off of you could damage the balancer or even wors the crankshaft, the pullers are really cheap compared to a crankshaft

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