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Hello, Last night I was looking for that same answer, I called the GM dealer here and they printed some very helpful info, If you will e-mail me I will send you a copy of it. Bob

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Q: How do you remove the instrument panel or dash board panel on a 2002 Monte Carlo?
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What was last year dimmer switch on floor board for a Monte Carlo?


Where is the Flasher Relay on a 2003 Monte Carlo SS?

Hi, I just replaced the flasher relay on my wife's 2005 Monte Carlo. The flasher relay is not a traditional relay in the sense that it actually is integrated into the emergency flashers button on your instrument panel, above the ignition. The part cost $45 at the dealership, and was a bit tricky to install. You'll have to remove several screws that hold the instrument board in place. It's also a pain in the butt to remove the actual flasher relay, once you get to that point.

How do you take the dash board off a 1987 Monte Carlo ss?

take off the bolts

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Where are fuses for 1996 Monte Carlo?

Most likely next to steering column. near dash board

Where's the fuse box located in 2002 Monte Carlo?

Try on the end of the dash board accessible with doors open

How do you join a passenger ship in Monte Carlo?

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How do you install tachometer in 87 monty Carlo ss?

To install a tachometer in a '87 Monte Carlo SS, run the tachometer wiring around or through the dash board. Next, connect the tachometer's black wire to the battery ground of the vehicle.

How do you remove the instrument cluster on a Peugeot 206?

Removing the instrument cluster on a Peugeot 206 is simple. You start with removing the steering wheel and then take out the dash board and then take out the instrument cluster.

How do you replace the digital odometer light bulb on a 2000 Saturn SL2?

You will need to remove the instrument cluster board. To do that, remove the trim piece around the instrument cluster, then carefully pull the instrument cluster out of the dashboard. Note that the instrument cluster plugs in to a socket in the dashboard, so be careful as you remove the circuit board so that you do not damage the plug. Once the instrument cluster is out, replace all bulbs. They twist to remove, and if the odometer bulb has failed, the others are getting old too. It might be best to replace them all to avoid future problems.

Where are the fuses for heated seats in 2001 Monte Carlo ss?

they are located in the fuse cabinet on the side of the dash board. The door must be open to acess them. check out the diagram on the cover you pull off.

How do you remove dash board on a Toyota solara?

Depends on the model year. Also, are you trying to remove the dash with the instrument cluster, or the center console with the HVAC and radio?

Why would a 2002 Monte Carlo have no dash board lights if the fuse is good?

I had the same problem on my 02 Monte Carlo , THE BCM body control module controls exterior lights, interior lights, door lock, rear defogger, and a few more systems. Check connector "1" wire B11 (gry). If there is no voltage the BCM is bad, if there is voltage then you will need to check farther

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How do you relamp your fuel gauge on a 2003 Buick LaSabre?

1. remove the entire dash board 2. remove the instrument cluster 3. change bulb

Why would a 1999 Monte Carlo have no dash board lightsi have checked all the fuses in the box on the passenger side fuse box and they are all good?

check you connection at your headlight switch,it may be loose,dirty or switch might be bad

How do you remove stereo from 2004 Monte Carlo?

First off, you have to remove the cover to the fuse panel on the drivers side, it is two screws there that you have to remove. After that underneath the steering wheel towards the floor, there is a cover, remove that and unscrew the two screws there. Go to the other side open the glove compartment and remove the two screws on the side. Once that is done, you can then remove the dash board. You will have to remove the drivers side first. Make sure to disconnect the Hazard lights, before you pull it over the steering wheel. then remove the other side. Make sure you buy the wiring kit, because if you don't your brakes will not work. It is all ran thru the same computer.

Why is the Engine light on dashboard 1998 Monte Carlo?

Vehicles have a few different dash board lights. It depends on which icon is on, the vehicles manual has a list of which ones mean what. If it is the check engine light the local auto part store can read the code.

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What the problom when ABS light comes on 95 Monte Carlo?

Any time a warning light on the dash board comes on, it is an indication of something being wrong. It's a very simple concept. The lights are there to let the driver know that there is a problem.

What type of brake fluid does a 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo use?

Good ole fashioned DOT 3. Unless you plan on completely flushing the system stick with the regular DOT 3.....not the synthetic. If you need to know why you shouldn't mix them contact me on my message board and I will explain.

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