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You have to remove the whole back panel. You have to remove all the screws that are attached to the panel first. Then you got to "pry" the whole panel with a flat instrument (I use a small kitchen spatula so not to harm the plastic finish). Ther are two screws holding the latch. Remove it.You can spray WD-40, but white grease is better. Good Luck!


I have a 2000 CR-V...WD-40 won't fix a Honda dealer and buy a new latch($39-45) handle...if your going to take the panel off anyway just replace it...I did this to mine and is very easy...just make sure you remove ALL of the screws...2 in long compartment -2 under gate hook cover...(pry off from bottom )I think there are 2 under there...then take off the filler cover (top of gate to the right..this is access panel to light)then pry off panel....pull up on weather strip at top of door and push out of way....lift losened panel up and out...remove license plate...remove license panel and latch from inside of door....4 nuts on panel and 2 for latch reverse to re-install


I also have a 2000 CR-V ad I just went through this procedure today. The problem with mine was the handle on the outside of the car. It has a spring rocker mechanism. Because this handle is exposed to the elements, it was rusted. I removed everything, as explained above, and used white grease to lubricate all the moving parts inside, as well as the rocker mechanism and spring on the outside handle. This did the trick. I'm sure, eventually, it will bind up again. The better long term solution would be to replace the latch. I assume it comes as all one unit and you must replace the entire thing. For now, my solution has fixed the problem. BTW, you might be able to lubricate the outside rocker hinge without taking anything off. Look under the housing where you normally put your hand to open the lower rear hatch. With an extension nozzle, you might be able to get enough lubrication up in there to free it.

Great suggestion to try to lubricate the handle from the outside. My handle ('99 CR-V)was stuck in the open position. I used PB Blaster, which is an aerosol penetrating lubricant (much better than WD40) with an extension nozzle on the hinge points. After waiting for several minutes, I was able to start moving the handle gradually back and forth. It helped to take the small door in the inside opposite that area off and push on the connecting mechanism. Once the handle attained a full range of motion, I was able to close the tailgate and the latch worked! I'm sure this isn't a permanent solution, but it beats spending $ on this 11 year old vehicle.

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Q: How do you remove the interior door panel on the lower rear hatch on a 2000 Honda crv the latch is sticking and it needs some wd-40?
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Open the hatch - remove the protective cover from the housing - twist out the bulb holder - remove and replace bulb - re-install in the reverse order.

96 Honda civic and the hatch open indicator light stays on even though the hatch is firmly closed any ideas?

There is a switch which is activated by opening the hatch back. It is located somewhere around the perimeter of the hatch back. When it is released, it is supposed to turn on the interior lights and activate the 'hatch open' warning light. Find the switch, and remove it, then clean the contacts, and test it. It should turn the warning light off when the button or post is depressed.

How do you replace rear wiper motor on Honda odyssey?

To replace the rear wiper motor, remove the wiper arm from the rear windshield of the Honda Odyssey. You will then need to remove the motor cover and the shaft nut. Next you need to remove the paneling from the inside of the rear hatch; this gives you access to swap out the motor.

How do you open rear hatch on 2005 Dodge Magnum with dead battery?

By taking your key and sticking it into the lock near the hatch an turning.

How do you remove interior rear hatch panel on 2000 mercury villager?

It mostly uses pop-off fasteners. There are one or two screws at the top for a cover.

How do you change the driver side rear brake light on a 95 Honda civic dx hatchback?

The rear brake lights on a 1995 Honda Civic can be reach vial the rear hatch. Open the hatch in look for the plastic cover for the rear lights. Remove the cover to reveal the light plugs. Pull and replace the bulbs.

How do you remove the taillight assembly on the rear hatch so that you can replace the stoplight and backup light bulbs?

Open hatch and remove strap and handle. Remove rear panel attached to hatch by popping off of hatch. Be careful because the clips are not strong. Use bulb 921 @ 18W.

Will 96 Honda civic cx hatch seats fit in a 2000 Honda civic hx?


Where is the button to open the rear hatch of your 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan?

There is no interior buttonThere is no interior button

How do you replace Villager rear wiper motor?

First, remove the wiper arm and the shaft nut. Open the hatch and remove the interior panel. remove the three screws that secure the mounting plate for the motor and remove the whole assembly. Go to Nissan dealer for a replacement, it's cheaper and Nissan made it anyhow.

Where is the interior lights fuse on astra 57 reg?

The interior lights fuse on the astra 57 reg is located on the door hatch.

How can you open the rear hatch of 97 Honda Passport the release cable is not connected?

If the rear hatch on a 1997 Honda Passport will not open with the remote cable, it can still be opened from the outside. After opening from the outside, repair the cable.

How do you change out the lift hatch brackets on a 97 Honda CR-V?

Are you asking about the hinged brackets, or the lift struts? EITHER WAY - open the glass hatch and securely prop it up so that it cannot fall. Lifting up the hatch will clearly reveal the hardware that the glass attaches to (or supports it). Remove the appropriate nuts/bolts/screws and replace.

How do you remove tail light from driver side of Honda CR-V?

Open the rear glass hatch. Remove the screws holding the plastic lens to the body pillar. Pull the lens away from the pillar and remove the bulb socket from the lens housing. Replace the bulb and re-install.

How do change the brake light bulbs on a 89 Camaro?

Open the hatch, remove the rear interior body panal. Then there are five plastic wing nuts on each tail light housing. remove the wing nuts on the side which needs replacing, which may be obscurred by the other interior panals, and carefully remove the tail light fixture. to remove the bulb, twist the bulbs base left or right, and pull. The bulbs I.D.# should be on the bulb. Hope this helps.

How do you remove the rear spoiler on 2002 Honda odyssey?

I just had to do this for my 2001 Odyssey, and I'd bet it's a similar process. First, open the rear hatch and remove the two black nuts at the far left and right of the top of the door. To access the other two nuts you need to pry the interior trim from the rear window. I was able to pry it off with my bare hands and didn't break any of the plastic clips (even though it's freezing here right now). The remaining nuts should now be exposed; remove them, and the spoiler is now free of the hatch. The last step is a minor one... You just need to unclip the wire for the third brake light from the left side of the hatch. Good luck!

Diagram of a 1981 Honda Civic hatch back?

i have a 1985 Honda civic and the valves need adjusting with a filler gage but i do not no what to set them on

How do you remove Tiburon's rear window wiper?

Flip open the cover and remove the two bolts securing the wiper arm. They are 12mm and 7/8 inch. Remove the inside hatch panel by removing four screws and working the panel loose. Unplug the wiring harness from the motor and remove it with a Philips head screwdriver. Replace the interior panel.

How do you open the glass top of the rear hatch of a 2006 Honda Pilot?

It does not open.

How do you remove rear interior cargo panels for 90 bronco II?

You can try using a toilet bowl plunger from the outside to pull it out. You will have to remove the the weatherstripping from around the side of the hatch and the left rear door and upper trim around the glass before the lower trim.

How to replace the door switch in a 1998 Ford Expedition?

If you don't mind me asking... Why are you changing the door switch ? If it's sticking or the interior lights are staying on. Try this trick. Spray WD-40 on all door locks including the rear door hatch. This will fix the problem.

Where is the rear window relay located on a 94 4runner?

Far back left corner of the cargo area. Remove the interior trim and the small cargo hatch to access (be gentle as the large plastic piece can break)

Where is the rear blower motor located on a 2000 Chevy Tahoe?

Looking in the rear hatch of the Tahoe- it is behind the passenger side trim panel in the hatch area. You have to remove a couple of trim pieces around the tailgate, and the passenger-side rear window from the interior. Then you will see the blower motor and all of the other goodies.

How many doors does a 1996 Honda Odyssey have?

It is a 4 door vehicle with a rear hatch.

How do you remove and install a tail light on a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

... by opening the hatch, removing the clips that hold the interior trim cover, which, once removed, will show all the nuts that hold the light housing into the rear body panel. remove all of these nuts and the light will pull out of the body.