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To remove the interior side door panel:

1. remove the retainer screw from the door handle cover and remove.

2. remove the screw from the bottom left corner of the door panel.

3. pull the door panel away from the door, starting at the bottom. Lift up and off the door.

Once the panel is off, it is easy to replace bad speakers or inspect / repair door lock linkage.

Thanks to the above instructions, I was able to replace the sliding door lock actuator in 2 hours, most of that time involved in figuring out how to get the old actuator free from its mounting bracket and J-hook throw-rod. To replace the old actuator:

4. Disconnect the power plug at the bottom of the actuator

5. Remove the speaker for a little more room to work inside the door

6. Using a long straight-edge screwdriver, pry/pop the actuator out of the brass clip that holds the actuator on both sides

7. Once free of that holder, manipulate the actuator behind all the lock linkages until it is hanging by the J-hook

8. Wrestle the J-hook free from the linkage arm.

9. If you bought a replacement actuator from Ford, it comes with a brass mounting clip; pry the new actuator out as you likely won't need it.

10. Repeat each step in reverse order.

11. You just saved $200 in labor.

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Q: How do you remove the interior sliding SIDE door panel from a 1999 - 2003 Windstar to replace a bad speaker or fix the door lock?
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