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How do you remove the oil line from the radiator on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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2010-11-26 20:00:10
2010-11-26 20:00:10

OIL LINE? there is no oil line connected to the radiator. There are transmission fluid lines attached to the radiator.... To disconnect these, get some PB Blaster spray, spray liberally around nuts attaching lines to radiator, wait 10 minutes. Get "FLARE NUT WRENCH" of proper size, and loosen and remove. Make sure you have something to catch fluid in underneath where you are working.Good Luck... November 2010 - please note: my 2001 GC Limited has an oil driven cooling fan, instead of traditional 12 volt motor driven fan. The power steering pump's "oil" pressure drives several systems including this fan. Indeed, this "oil" is not conneted to the radiator. I plan to unhook the fan system and tie it back "intact" so I can lift the radiator out today.

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