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With a hammer, not a joking. hit it on the back side of the top out, but please take the tire off first.

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First take off the two screws.These are the countersunk holes with Phillips head screw. These screws are holding the drum.

The brake drum has one or two threaded holes. These are not the countersunk holes with Phillips head screw that hold the drum to the wheel flange but are in the other one or two spaces between the lug bolt holes. On my ZX2, these holes are threaded for a 1/4 inch bolt (1/2 inch wrench), 16 threads per inch. Thread a bolt at least one inch long into each hole and tighten the bolt. If your car has only one hole as does mine, tighten the bolt to apply pressure to one side of the drum, then use a pry bar to ease the other side of the drum off. The lug nut wrench with the jack makes a good pry bar for this.

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Q: How do you remove the rear brake drums on a 2000 Ford ZX2?
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How do you remove ford brake drums?

experience and a big hammer

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remove rear brake drums

How do you remove rear drums from 1986 Ford Taurus?

Brake drums are not attached with fasteners, they just pull off once wheel is out of the way.

Removing the rear brake drums on a 1988 ford ranger?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1988 Ford Ranger pickup truck. Remove the brake pads. When the brake drum is not loose you can tap on it with a hammer or mallet. Once the brake drum is loose it will slide off.

How do you replace the Brake light on a 2000 ford explorer?

To replace the brake light on a 2000 Ford Explorer, remove the screws holding the brake light in place. Gently, but firmly, pull the brake light out of the vehicle and replace with a new one.

What size brake drums does a 1991 2 wheel drive Ford Ranger have?

On a 1991 Ford Ranger : Either 9 inch or 10 inch brake drums

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How do you remove brake drums on Ford Focus?

Take off the tire, remove the 4-13mm nuts on the backside of the wheel, pull the drum (and spindle) off as an assembly.

How do you remove the rear brake drums on a 1999 Ford F-150?

Remove the wheels then the drums should just slide off. If they are rusted on, WD40 and a hammer should do it. If the shoes have scored the drums, you have to retract the shoes first. If you can't do that you can pry the drums off and ruin the springs and fittings. You have to replace them and know how they go if you do that.

How do you change a wheel cylinder on a Ford E-250?

you have to remove both rear wheels ,remove brake drums, remove brake shoes,loosen brake hose or metal line and remove, remove bolts holding wheel cylinders to backing plate and replace, clean backing plate and hardware and reinstall all in reverse order, adjust rear brake and bleed system to remove air from lines.

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