How do you remove the side mirror of a Mondeo l reg car and fit the new one on?

You need to remove the door card and then the triangular plastic trim on the inside, then romove three torx screw and the movement mechanism and the mirror will come out.

Remove the door handle trim by removing the center screw and pulling out the bezel.Remove the pull handle by inserting a thin flat instrument into the gap between the trim bezel and the handle, it will pop out with a bit of force, remove the two screws in there.There are several screws along the edge of the door, 2 on the inside edge, 2 on the outer edge and 3 along the bottom edge.There is one large screw under the speaker at the end of the door pocket.Lift the door card up and out.Remove the little grommit fromthe trim at the inside of the mirror, you need to break it, but they are pennies from ford.Remove the screw and the panel.Then if its electric remove the multiplug on the rear of the mirror, if manual you'll need to unscrew the handle for adjustemt.Undo the 3 Torx screws holding the mirror on, remember to do this with the door open.The mirror will come out.