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How do you remove the starter from a 93 Toyota Corolla?

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[For 1992-1997 Corolla, Chevy Geo Prism] Disconnect battery ground. Remove air filter cover and big rubber thing that connects to the throttle body. Disconnect wires from old starter. Remove bolts. They face in opposite directions from each other. Installation is reverse of removal.

Try not to break anything.

[Old : Applies only to 1998 and later Corolla) You're gonna have to lift up the car. Well, you're gonna have to come up at it from underneath unless you wanna take the intake manifold off. You don't wanna do that. After you've got the car up, the starter's directly underneath the throttle body. Remember to disconnect the battery ground before you start so you don't shock yourself because that hurts. Other than that it's only a matter of a couple of bolts and the wires.

The biggest problem with changing Corolla getting them out of the car. Unbolting them is no real problem, except that the top bolt is on the transmission side and you've got to pull the air cleaner box to get to it. If you weave the starter around through all of the stuff behind the engine, the path to "out" will take you right past the power steering pump.

I just changed my starter and when taking it out, I could NOT get it past the power steering pump as stated above. However, simply point the skinny end of the starter down between the drive axle and the front frame member and with a few twists and turns it will drop to the ground. Putting the new starter back in is even easier, just point it back up where you came out. You will need a ratchet with 14MM and 12MM sockets, and a straight-blade screwdriver. The whole R&R process took me less than 45 minutes. I had a friend help me which is always handy (and more fun) but this not necessary to get the job done.

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The starter on a '93 tercel, if you are looking from underneath the car, is directly to the left of the alternator. It is a fairly simple job to remove and replace the starter. If I can recall correctly the only thing that you need to remove is the intake support braket, but don't quote me on that.

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They pop off. You use a screwdriver or some type of panel removing tool.

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