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Ok, jack up the front end of the truck and sit in on jack stands placed on the from crossmember (not the LCA), take off the tires, it makes it so much easier, next use a ball joint clam, or a 5 ton two jaw gear puller and use it to take tension off the torsion key bolt, take out the bolt and remove the thing the bolt bolted into with a pair of pliers, your probably going to have to pound on the end of the t-bar to slid it out.

he's a link to a Very well done how for torsion bar removal (it's written for chevy's but the same concept is for all trucks and cars with front torsion bar suspension).:

I deffinitily suggest reading that thread, lots of good info

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Q: How do you remove the torsion bar from a 1992 Chevrolet 4x4 pickup?
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