How do you remove the window switch panel from the driver's side armrest on a 93 Camry?

I have a '92 Camry, so it may or may not be exactly similar. To remove the window controls, you must remove the door panel since it is screwed onto it from the inside. I have a plastic fastener removal tool to help pry off the embrittled plastic fasteners and also some plastic screw head caps on the panel face. For my '92, there are two plastic fasteners on the edge of the panel near the door strike. To remove them, push in the center part about 1/8" then use a tool to pull it out. The Phillips screws on the bottom edge of the panel only hold the map pocket in place. No need to remove those. Pop off the plastic head covers on the panel face, under the armrest and at the top of the handgrab. One last hidden screw lies behind the red door light in the armrest. Now the panel is only held by plastic snap fasteners and the door open handle bezel. Remove the bezel by pulling on the opening handle all the way back then with a small flat-blade screwdriver, push in between the handle and the bezel near the bottom then down to disengage the lower clip tang. Tug or pry on the bottom of the bezel while doing this. It should pop off. Then push up on the bezel to disengage the upper tang. Finally, push the bezel left and pull the left side of the bezel out to disengage the last big retaining tang on the back side. Try to be gentle since it will be brittle being 10 years old. But if it does crack, you can repair it with epoxy. After the bezel is removed, run the fastener tool around the edges, prying loose the panel from the door until it is just hanging by the upper lip. Push it up and lift it off. Then disconnect the door light and window/lock control connectors. The panel should now be free of the door. The window/lock control is held in place by screws and a retaining clip. !