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Tony, Just in case you haven't figured it out by this can go to the site This gives you step by step door panel removel to replace power side mirror. The pic is from the driver side so just keep that in mind! Good Luck!!! Billy W

Tony, If it is just the mirror that has dropped off but is still connected, buy some JB Weld and Duct Tape at Wal-Mart or similar store. Mix about a tablespoon of the black and white tubes of JB Weld. Take the resulting gray mixture and put on the cross bars in the middle inside the plastic frame; this is what controls the direction of the mirror. Put some of the mixture on back of the mirror part. Duct tape the mirror in the frame; make sure it points in about the right direction for the driver. Let dry 24 hours. Remove duct tape. Worked on my 1993 van. Pat F

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Q: How do you repair a electrical remote right side view mirror on a 1994 E150 ford?
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How do you repair a electrical remote control 1994 ford E150 right door side view mirror?

Depends what is worng with it might be corroded connections easiest is to get one from the junk yard and replace it

Are side view mirrors on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier Z24 considered manual remote or power remote powered mirrors and what is the difference?

Power Remote means that there is a switch that you push to change the mirror position. You select right mirror, then push the arrows to make it go up or down or in or out. Manual Remote means that you have to physically reach up and push a lever with your hands to adjust the mirror.

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How to put a passenger side manual mirror on a 1987 Chevrolet celebrity?

I replaced the drivers side mirror. On my car the drivers mirror was remote adjust and the passenger side was not. Open the door and look at it right above the mirror. There should be two screws. On the inside of the door there is a third screw going through the plastic trim panel. With these screws removed the mirror should pop out. It's been a while since I replaced my mirror. You may have to take that plastic panel off to finish removing the mirror. If it is a remote mirror you will have to take off that panel.

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Insallation of right mirror of 2005 Pontiac gran prix?

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How do you attach the driver's side mirror on a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus?

I recently replaced a powered right side mirror on a 99 Cirrus. All I did was order a new mirror (through a used parts salvage yard) for fairly cheap. The used ones cost about the same price, so I went with new. It came with directions on how to locate the mounting screws and everything. The repair took less than 25 minutes in my driveway.

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