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replace the line with the appropate size line. It should be faily easy, just hose clamps at each end. Your local auto parts store should have the hose, and it is not very expensive. Be not to get just plain fuel line as it will not work with transmission fluid. The parts store should have transmission line or fuel injection line that is suitable.

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Q: How do you repair a leak in the transmission line to the radiator?
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Repair leak on radiator transmission lines 89 aerostar?

The repair on the transmission line will depend on where it is. If the leak is at a coupling then the joint may be able to be tightened. If the line itself if leaking or split then it will have to be replaced.

Can you put seal-it or jb-weld to fix a leak in the transmission line to the radiator?

I wouldn't. Replace or repair the line instead.

What causes transmission fluid to leak and transmission stall?

Bad seal? Bad cooling line to radiator?

After the radiator was replaced on a 2001 Intrepid there is a slow transmission leak somewhere by the left side to center of the radiator What can be the cause?

either the transmission oil line to radiater is not tightene or the oil cooler tank at bottom of radiator has a leak

Why would a 1998 Chevy full size pickup radiator leak around the top transmission line?

The tanks on the radiator are plastic and the lines vibrate causing the tanks to leak were they screew into the radiator. REPLACE RADIATOR.

How do I fix a transmission line leaking at the radiator connection on a 1997 Astro AWD?

The transmission lineÊleaking at the radiator connection needs to be fix immediately as soon as the driver experience this, isolating the source of leak to avoid major problems. If the leak is found this has to be covered with the finger to avoid further leakage, for repair it needs to tighten the pan bolts, and replacing the output seal.

How does transmission fluid leak into oil pan front wheel drive car?

You probably have a leak in the hose/line that takes your transmission fluid to the cooler (in the radiator). Look for the small tubes/hoses that run from the engine to the side of the radiator; the leak is probably in the area where the metal tube meets the rubber hose. Good luck!

What to do if your engine transmission fluid is leaking out on a 1999 dodge grand caravan?

Determine the origination of leak and repair Could be transmission cooler line, seal, etc.

There is a top bottom transmission line on the radiator and a front and rear connection on the trans where does the top line from the radiator connect on the trans front or back?

upper line on radiator connects to transmission front

Transmission smells like gas?

A leak, probably in the line near the transmission.

How do you repair a water service line leak?

You would contact a plumber. Depending where the leak is, the city may need to be contacted for repair.

Which stop leak product is good for radiator?

A good stop leak product for a radiator is the Bar's line of stop leak. It comes in an easy to pour bottle which seeks out leaks and seals them in minutes.

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