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Replace the pads, and the rotors.

You need to change the brake pads and the rotors.

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Q: How do you repair a metal to metal sound coming from the brakes?
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What causes sound of loose metal and then metal on metal sound by wheels?

Could be your brakes. If you have drum brakes not disk brakes that sound will happen when your shoes are worn down to the rivets. Some of the hardware such as springs, may have came off as well, which will make the loose metal sound.

Why would your Mazda 323 sound like it is dragging metal?

Could be the brakes are metal to metal.

What is making a metal of metal grinding sound coming from the middle to rear end of the truck on your 2002 Yukon XL?

Check if muffler is loose, check if rear brakes are worn out & grinding

My brakes are squeaking?

Your pads sound low-it's the wear indicators or you have metal-metal contact.

Your brakes are making a grinding sound when you apply the brakes on a vauxhall zafira?

The grinding sound means that the brake pads are worn down to metal and that sound you hear is metal to metal. you need to have the pads changed, the problem is that you will more than likely have to change the rotors also. The way to avoid this in the future is when you notice your brakes are making a squealing sound that means that the pads will need to be changed soon.

What causes the squealing sound when car brakes are wearing out?

The squealing sound you hear when your car brakes are wearing out is referred to as a "squealer." This indicator is a strip of metal that when the brake pad wears down makes contact with the rotor making a metal on metal noise.

What would cause 1994 Metal on metal noise from tire?

Sounds like you need new brakes. When they get worn down they make a metal on metal sound.

What is the air sound coming from the brakes?

That sound it the air being aloud to escape from the air system though the quick release valve. This usally happens when the driver has applied the parking brakes. But, it can happen during other times you dont want it to.

Squealing sound on a tire when the car is in reverse?

The sound is most likely the brakes squealing. Check the pads to make sure that the metal part isn't cutting into the rotor.

What causes a squeaking sound when driving sounds like its coming from around the left front tire area 84 Chevy impala?

You may need to check your brakes or the rollers on your brakes

What is tin cry?

Typical sound of Tin if a metal bar is bent. This screaming of Tin is coming from the friction/ shearing of the metal crystals.

A knock or clonking sound but stops when you press on the brakes?

A knocking sound while your car is moving is probably coming from the engine. A certified mechanic will be able to perform diagnostic testing.

Is it safe to drive when brakes make ticking sound?

Get your brakes tested. I do not know what a ticking sound means.

Why does it sound like air is coming out of your brakes?

brake booster could be bad the seal around the rod that hooks to the brake pedal is leaking

If the brake light stays on and there is a squeaky sound coming from the back of your car?

I hope you take it to a garage and have the brakes inspected. Might be a brake fluid leak.

New front rotor and pads 92 explorer still sounds like rotors grinding on front are metal to metal when braking hard?

have the back brakes checked sometimes they can sound like the front

What does it mean when there is a squeaky sound when you push the brakes?

It means it is time to have your brakes checked.

2006 civic brakes warning system?

Yes.... the brakes will make a "metallic" sound when the brakes are getting worn.

When braking a clicking sound appears from the rear end?

One of the components in your rear drum brakes (or disc brakes) could have come loose, but that could be just one of the possible problems. Does the clicking sound more like two metal balls tapping together? know, like the ones people have in their offices at work, and they tap back and fourth? The problem could be your rear drive axle, rear suspension or your brakes. I am unable to be more specific because i would need to know what the clicking sounds like. The cost of repair could be 100 bucks if its the brakes, all the way up to 1,000 if its the axle.

What cause a winding sound that seems to be coming from the rear of the expeditions?

It could be that the back tires brakes are rusted and need new replacements or just need oil.

Squealing or metal grinding sound coming from front right side of 2002 Nissan Maxima Does not always occur when braking Is this your brakes going?

Generally, squealing while NOT applying the brakes is the "chirper" or the metal tang rubbing the rotor. Typically, applying light pressure to the brake petal will make the squeal or chirping sound stop. This means your brake pad lining is thin and about to wear out.If you hear/feel a "scrubbing" sound while applying the brakes, generally the lining has worn away enough that some of the backing plate of the brake pad is rubbing on your rotor... This is BAD!Changing brake pads on disc brakes is one of the easiest repairs you can make to your automobile. Most automotive parts stores have 'lifetime warranted' pads, so you buy them once and every replacement afterwards is free. Of course, your labor is not included...However, brakes are a safety issue and you are not mechanically inclined or little or no experience, please consult a qualified mechanic.

What is a hissing sound coming from the drivers side of your Mercedes ML350?

Just know that if that is happening you are in serious trouble as it means that your brakes are leaking. In MLs the brakes use air pressure so if there is a hissing sound it means air is leaking thus your brakes could possibly fail. The best solution is to go to a registered Mercedes Benz garage so they can fix the problem. Alternatively if you dont have the money you could pretend that there is no noise and eventually you brakes will fail and you'll be in an accident i.e. GET YOU BRAKES FIXED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

What sound do motorcycle brakes make when they lock?

When motorcycle brakes lock, they make a light grinding sound accompanied by the loud screeching of the tires. When the brakes lock, the tires are forced to slide along the pavement until the brakes are released on the bike stops.

What if your 1999 Chrysler cirrus makes a humming sound when it reaches 30MPH It sounds like it's coming from the front Makes sound regardless of applying the brakes or gas?

that could be a wheel bearing that's gone bad.

What causes a grinding sound in brakes?

your brakes are about to give out... you should go to wal-mart and have them replace them