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The lower intake on either the 2.8L V6 the 3.1L V6 or the 3.4L V6 all are the same set up lower intake gaskets are very common to leak oil at the lower intake gasket due the the fact that right below it is the push rods and lifters. if you want to get your hands dirty and attempt to do it yourself there's some work to this job and requires a good memory and cautious removal and installing habits. LET'S BEGIN: First take off the air cleaner hose then the PCV hose then unhook all throttle body cables and connector wires also the 2 coolant hoses below the throttle body as well as the upper radiator hose, then unhook the vaccum hose from the back of the upper intake manifold then remove the 3 bolts/nuts on the bracket that's in front of where the vaccum hose is that you just removed. Remove the EGR valve just take out the 3 bolts don't try messing with the steel line it'll be rusty and hard to remove without damaging. The gasket should be ok to reuse on the EGR valve as long as it doesn't get torn in the process or so replace it. Next remove the upper intake manifold the gaskets although they are paper they can be reused if not damaged. But normally its best to replace them. Next unhook the fuel rail make sure to do this so safely with the key off and the battery unhooked or the fuel pump fuse unhooked. take off both fuel lines. Next remove the wires from the injectors be careful you have to push in the on clips do not pry on them they will break. If they are hard to push in I recommend using needle nose pliers to make it easier. Next remove all bolts from fuel rail. Then evenly pull up on the fuel rail if not done cautiously injectors can be broken. A pry bar will help removal when used carefully. The O rings on the injectors if not damaged can be reused if not damaged but make sure to lube them with a light coat of grease before installation otherwise damage and possible leaks could happen. Next remove the drive belt then remove the alternator and the unhook the wires. Next remove the Power Steering Pump bolts there are 3 of them and they are behind the Power Steering Pump pulley they are 10MM bolts rotated the pulley to access each bolt for removal. There is no need to remove the Power Steering Pump hoses simply lift up the Power Steering pump and place out of the way. next remove the valve cover bolts these are torx head bolts remove all 4 on each valve cover take off the valve covers the gaskets if in good shape on the valve covers can be reused if not replace them its worth the money if you've gotten into it this far. Next remove the lower intake manifold bolts then pull up on the lower intake manifold make sure all hoses are unhooked and out of the way as well as wires. Remove old gasket and cautiously clean the gasket surface lay a rag or cloth or towel in the valley to prevent gasket material or dirt etc. from getting into the oil. Next install new lower intake gasket. Use Black RTV Silicone on the ends of the gasket to hold gasket in place. Then reassemble in reverse make sure to properly tighten all bolts and fasteners to prevent stripping or leaks due to improper torque. I am only doing this for instructional purposes and this should only be looked at like guidelines since there are differences between years and engine setups, if you are unsure of or have problems with anything after following these instructions I suggest that you take it to a mechanic.

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Q: How do you repair an oil leak on a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier 6-cylinder intake manifold?
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