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You will need to get a new cable from your local dealer. After you have the new cable, remove the shield from under the steering column to gain access. Simply unscrew the cable on both ends and make sure it is adjusted properly before buttoning up the shield.

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Q: How do you repair the shift indicator on the dash if it is off and does not show the gear you are in for a 1995 Ford Explorer?
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Shift module in a 1995 Ford Explorer?

where does a shift module go in at on a 1995 ford explorer xlt 4.0 2wd

How do you remove overdrive for explorer Eddie Bauer 1995?

If you don't want the automatic transmission to shift into overdrive, press the button on the end of the gear selector lever. An indicator light will come on in the bottom right corner of your guage cluster displaying O/D OFF

Does a 1995 Ford Explorer have a chip key?

On a 1995 Ford Explorer : No ( at least my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT doesn't )

Your 1995 Chevy blazer will shift down into the gears and back up but it wont go into park It stops between park and reverse with the gear shift up in park?

Align the shift indicator orreplace it. Your problem is strictly column mechanical.

How much pressure on a 1995 explorer gas pump?

For a 1995 Ford Explorer , with the 4.0 liter OHV , V6 According to my Haynes repair book ( 35 to 45 PSI with key on / engine off ) ( 30 PSI at idle )

Why is heater on 1995 explorer lukewarm?

why is heater on 1995 explorer lukewarm

What makes a 1995 4wd explorer not shift out of park?

change brakelight fuse paid 125 dollar tow bill over this problem

Tachometer speedometer and trans shift indicator quit working 1995 Chevy truck?

check for an open fuse or check the vss (vehicle speed sensor)

Do you use regular mercon ATF in a 92 Ford Explorer?

My Haynes repair manual for the Ford Explorer ( 1991 thru 1995 ) shows MERCON automatic transmission fluid in the automatic transmission

Aknock sencer location Ford Explorer 1995 dvise where the knock sencer is?

I drive a 1995 Ford Explorer and as far as I know it doesn't have a knock sensor My Haynes repair manual engine wiring schematic shows a knock sensor on the 1996 Ford Explorer - OBD II / EEC V system

When was Universal Indicator Green created?

Universal Indicator Green was created in 1995.

What does the arrow light on a 1995 Jeep Wrangler mean?

The arrow ponting up is an indicator for you to upshift, and is intended for you to be able to find the right shift points for the best fuel economy.

Does a 1995 Ford Explorer have an electric transmission?

The automatic transmission in a 1995 Ford Explorer is electronically controlled

Can you use brake fluid in place of power steering fluid in a 1992 explorer?

No ( according to my Haynes Ford Explorer repair manual , 1991 to 1995 , type " F " automatic transmission fluid is used in the power steering )

Why would your vehicle come out of overdrive - 1995 Ford Explorer?

There is a push button on the end of your automatic shift lever. Pushing it in causes the Overdrive to turn on and off.

Whats up with my 1995 buick riviera the floor gear shift is in park but the indicator light says its in a different gear so it wont start?

if I'm thinking correctly its a bracket...

1995 Ford Explorer fuse box diagram?

diagram of 1995 ford explorer xlt fuse box

How do you disconnect the ant theft device on 1995 Ford Explorer?

A 1995 Ford Explorer is unlikely to be stolen by ants.

Should my 1996 Ford Explorer 4.0 go into overdrive at 70 mph?

My 1995 Ford Explorer 4.0 liter will shift into overdrive at 50 MPH ( I don't know if that has anything to do with having 3.73 gears with my trailer towing package )

What is the power steering fluid type in a 1994 ford explorer xlt?

According to my 1991 through 1995 Haynes Ford Explorer repair manual : ( type " F " automatic transmission fluid is used as the power steering fluid )

Pictures where the fuel filter is on a 1995 Ford Explorer?

I don't have pictures , but it is underneath the Explorer , below the drivers door , mounted on the frame rail on a 1995 Ford Explorer

What kind of transmissions do the put in the 1995 Ford Explorer limited?

The automatic transmission used in the 1995 Ford Explorer is a ( 4R55E )

Did the 1995 Ford Explorer have automatic headlights?

My friends 1995 Ford Explorer Limited does , the controls are on the rear view mirror

Why does 1995 camaro roll when in park?

It could be the shift cable is out of sync or loose. Have a transmission shop take a look. If that's all it is, it's a relatively simple repair

What does the crank position sensor on a 1995 ford explorer do?

According to my Chilton repair manual , the crankshaft position sensor is used to determine crankshaft position and crankshaft RPM