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You'll need the following special tools:

* Honda civic service manual (if you don't already have one)

* ball joint remover fork

* air compressor and impact wrench (700+ lbs.ft)

* right size socket for your axle nut (32 - 33 mm?)

First you'll need to jack up your car on jackstands, remove the wheel, and drain your Transmission Fluid onto an oil pan.

If you haven't already lifted side of the axle you want to replace, jack up that side onto jackstands and remove the wheel.

Remove the cotter pin and castle nut underneath the lower ball joint.

Use the ball joint remover fork (might need a hammer) to lift the wheel hub off of the lower ball joint arm.

Remove the bolt holding the damper fork onto the lower ball joint arm.

Remove the axle nut with the impact wrench.

Slip the axle off the wheel hub.

Use a flat screwdriver to pry the other end of the axle out of the transmission.

Remove and replace the axle.

Follow these steps backward to put the car back together again. Make sure you use the correct torque specifications when tightening the bolts. Dont' forget using new cotter pins.

Refill your transmission fluid.

Good luck! do it myself Honda civic repairs

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Q: How do you replace CV axels in 97 Honda Civic?
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