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You need to pull the door panel off, it has screws in some spots around the edge, and flexible mushroom head pins in other areas around the edge. You use a small prybar only after you get all the screws out of the door panel...not before..or you will not like the way the panel fits back in place. IT WON"T. The door handle inside, has a screw the area of the Finger latch that opens the door . Remove it and the Plastic Edge and Frame you see will come out, sliding past the Finger latch. Take the small flat edge prybar and as you pull the panel it under, near the mushroom head pins, and pry gently, but firmly. Often the pins will snap...and you will have to just replace them . Once you have gotten the door panel edges loose along the sides and bottom can lift the door panel up...verticly..a little ( 3 inches). You will see it loosen at the top . The window should be in the down position ..before you start to remove the door panel. Once the panel is off, remove the plastic sheeting at the rear ..side edge. You only need to peel it back towards the doors hinge. The electric lock mechanism is near the latch at the end. You will need to unplug the solenoid, unbolt it, and unclip the rod that runs up to the door latch/door handle. Careful..don't bend the rod. Replace the solenoid if it will not move. (Most common) You can buy at any auto part store...the mushroom head clips that broke..when you pryed the door panel loose. They are cheap..and you need them to keep the panel from flopping when you put it back in place. Do Not Leave the Plastic sheeting loose. Retape it into place, and any slits you have made in it when removed. This sheeting keeps the rain outside your car. Putting the door panel back , slide it into the window slot at the top of the door , sliding it straight downat first, then lifting the bottom out enough to get the finger latch into its hole, and then,,holding the panel out..twist your mushroom head pins into their positions around the door edge. There is nothing easy in this world it seems. I often have had my bodyshop friend...pull and install anything I needed in my doors. They do it so much...that they charge very little...and they always have the mushroom pins in large supply. Leaving my car for the day...and letting them work it in....has never been a problem. You can do it...I just prefer not to, most of the time.

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Q: How do you replace a 1996 Chevy Blazer front door lock actuator?
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