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How do you replace a cam in a 305?


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2015-07-15 19:30:23
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It's quite a job. In a lot of cars the engine has to be removed because there is not enough room up in front for the in and out of the camshaft. You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.


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To change a 305 cam sensor, locate it beside the camshaft. Disconnect the electrical plug of the sensor and remove the hold-down bolt to take off the cam sensor. Replace with new.รŠ

The 92 did not have a roller cam in it.

Follow the recommendations from the cam manufacturer.

YES it will there is no difference in the design of the camshaft.

Contact the cam manufacturer of your choice for a recommendation based on your application.

A Chevy 305 with a roller cam will have MORE power than a 305 with a flat tappet cam if both are installed in the same engine. The horsepower of any 305 depends on what all is done to the engine. Changing from flat tappet to roller will gain some. There are other ways to increase horsepower and there are other ways to increase torque.

Different pistons, bigger valves, different cam.

different pistons and cam, bigger intake valves.

Yes, but running a 350 cam with 305 heads is not effective,you need to run 350 heads as well. In order to benefit from a 350 cam you need something to flow that extra fuel and air, so using 350 heads along side of the 350 cam will be the cheapest and best choice. HAVE FUN!! A 350 head can physically bolt onto a 305 block. However, 350 heads can have the valves extend into the cylinder and contact the cylinder wall (even with the smaller 305 cam). The 350 cam in the 305 with stock heads will work. You wont want to use 350 heads you will lose compression due to the largers combustion chambers.

Yes, but you must keep the lifters with the cam they were originally used with.

Contact the cam manufacturer of your choice for a recommendation based on your application.

YES it does and it is a roller cam and hydraulic lifters.

If it's a HO then it definitely does, if its the normal one, you might not.

Later versions did, 87 and up. Earlier ones did not.

The HO engine had higher compression, bigger intake valves, and a different cam. Also, it was painted black.

Call the cam manufacturer. They can do computer simulations that approximate the before and after horsepower.

It is a hydraulic camshaft, Not a roller cam. Chevy did not start using roller cams until late 1995

On some vehicles the cam belt drives the water pump. On these type vehicles it is advisable to replace the water pump at the same time as the cam belt.

If a lifter is stuck in the lifter bore and won't move, it has probably ruined the cam. The procedure would be to install a new cam and lifters.

yes it will work and give more horse power biggercamsmallerengine

carb, cam, intake, headers, heads, msd igntion, or a 350

There is no cam sensor on a 90 3.1. Only a crank sensor.

If all the lifters are out of the way, the cam should slide right out. Worst case scenario would be to remove the rear soft plug and drive the cam forward. This would likely ruin the cam bearings, which can be replaced.

take the front grill support off if the engine is in the car. then remove the plate covering the cam. then remove the cam?. it is alot easier with the engine on a stand.

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