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How do you replace a crankshaft position sensor or where can you find a step by step guide?


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2015-07-15 21:02:51
2015-07-15 21:02:51

You can most likely find a guide at a local auto parts store like NAPA or Autozone, try Autozone first or Advanced Auto Parts if you have one, they are usually pretty good about carrying guides like that.


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CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR - 2.5L REMOVAL Remove speed control servo from driver's side strut tower. Remove crankshaft position sensor retaining bolt Crankshaft Position Sensor Pull crankshaft position sensor straight up out of the transaxle housing. (Disconnect crankshaft position sensor electrical connector from the wiring harness connector. INSTALLATION - ADJUSTABLE All vehicles will be equipped with an adjustable crankshaft position sensor. This can be identified by an elongated mounting hole in the sensor. NOTE: If the removed sensor is to be reinstalled, clean off the old spacer on the sensor face. A NEW SPACER must be attached to the sensor face before installation. If the sensor is being replaced, confirm that the paper spacer is attached to the face of the new sensor Crankshaft Position Sensor and Spacer Install sensor in transaxle and push sensor down until contact is made with the drive plate. While holding the sensor in this position, install and tighten the retaining bolt to 12 N·m (105 in. lbs.) torque. Connect crankshaft position sensor electrical connector to the wiring harness connector. Attach connector to heater tube bracket. Install speed control servo. Tighten nuts to 9 N·m (80 in. lbs.) torque. extra steps for Simplification added by Also: Jack up car and put it on jackstands Remove left front tire, remove plastic shield covering the battery then use a long extension with a 10mm socket to remove and install the bolt holding the sensor right over the top of the axle, this definitively simplifies getting at the bolt, if you have someone up on top to guide it back in it will be even easier. I did not remove heater tube bracket and I plugged it together before I put the sensor into the bell housing

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It takes a special tool. I got mine from Autozone and had a guide from them on how to replace it. You'll have to remove the belt and harmonic balancer and access it through the passanger side front tire.

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Refer to your Chilton's repair guide/get a Chilton's repair guide.

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The cam sensor is located in the distributor. The cost of a distributor is about $250.00 and up. get the cam sensor checked first, then if needed, replace. Use a Haynes Manual or something else to guide you thru the replacement process. It's easy to do.

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The gps global positioning system can guide you by locating your positon and then it would guide you to the position that you had requested to get to.

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