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It' Really quite easier that it looks,I've had to do it myself. 1. Remove the wheel. 2.Remove the center nut from the axle. 3. Remove the brake assembly and rotor.(do not remove the brake line) 4. Remove the ball joint from the A frame and the two bolts on the bottom of the ball joint and slide it out,might be kinda tough, because of the pressure of the strut which you should be able to compress. 5. Put a oil pan underneeth the transmission and line up the shaft with the tranny, and pull it out as straight as possible, because it just has a snap ring on the end. YOU WILL NEED ONE QUART GEAR OIL.

A ball joint fork makes it much easier to pop the axle out. To pop it back in, make sure the missing part of the snap ring is at the BOTTOM, and then just try to pop it in by hand by repeatedly lunging it at the differential until it goes in.DO NOT use gear oil use 5W 30

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Q: How do you replace a drive axle on a Geo Storm?
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Sounds like a bad axle seal. You'll have to remove the axle to replace it.

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The 1996 uses a 30mm nut.

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You ask a professional for help.

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It would be to your advantage to purchase a Haynes Manual specific to your car. They can be purchased at most parts stores.

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sue in da house

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