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Buy a book with illustrations, cause writing just wont fully cut it. First you will need to properlly lift and support the car. Remove the driverside tire and udercover . Before i go any farthjer , yu will need an AIR operated impact and good socket and air compressor, the bolt on the harmonic balanser is no joke and that's the only way youll get it off. remove all drive belts.harmonic the engine under the oil pan with a block of wood and suitable jack. Remove the cam cover front motor mount. Remove the came cover. Remove upper and lower cam belt covers. also when replacing the cam belts the water pump is highlly advised to be changed , as i do it, since it rides along the cam belt. There is a cam drive belt and also a balance shaft belt. The tensioners on the belts are pretty self explanitory. On the cam pulley there will be a notch on the outer lip or a painted line. It should face the front of the car aligning with the top of the cylinder head , also imprinted on the cam gear will say "UP" that must be up, but most importantlly the line must mate with the area of the cylinder head and cam cover meet.properlly tension both belts and then put back together.

Kongkit Raggan-Supatanampon


Check YouTube for a video titled "Accord Timing Belt Change". Very much worth watching if you're considering doing the job yourself.

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Q: How do you replace a timing belt in a 1994 Honda Accord?
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