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I replaced one a few years back but can not remember if i dropped the pan or there was an access panel on the tranny. I do remember i asked the chevyparts person to look at the picture when i bought the part. He was helpfuland he told me exactlly where it was. I had the 2.8 v6 89 corsica. It wasn'ttoo bad but you need to have a good set of needle nose pliers to put the wireconnectors back onto the terminals. I recall there was limited access for your fingers to get the wire bent the right way and still get the connector on. If you do have to drop the pan, the you may want to have a new filter and gasket ready. Any good Chevy house willhelp you get through the repair. Just talk to the parts person or ask them to ask their coworkers. Don't waste you time trying to get the info from the service writer. When all else fails visit your local autozone, they wont have the part but someone in the store may know. Only replace this part if your car is bucking like mad when you come to a stop or press on the brake pedal getting ready for a stop light. I had the problem for 2 years thinking it was erg related. Someone out on the intenet has probably just replace one complete with pictures. Try a few more car repair sites. If you don't mind some trannyfluid in your hair you should not have much trouble if you take your time. CAr manuals usually are of little help. Tranny shops will replace it, but get your old part back. Some mechanics will disconnect it to keep you on the road, butyou loose you overdrive operation and your gas mileage.

The solenoid controlling the lock up operation of the torque convertor is under the side cover of the trans. The trans is a 125C. A dealer gets around $45 for the wiring harness with the solenoid attached. This is a common problem!Dan

I have a '92 Lumina EuroCoupe with a faulty torque converter clutch solenoid. It sometimes locks up after coming off of the highway. The solenoid keeps pressure applied to the clutch and doesn't let the torque converter slip as it should at lower speeds. I've been running around with it disconnected until I can get it fixed, but I get lower gas mileage. It's a major undertaking to replace it on my car.

I found the procedure on It's a pay site, but a year's subscription for about 25 bucks isn't too bad considering the wealth of knowledge and diagrams on the site. Lot's of troubleshooting and testing procedures too. A second vehicle or an annual renewal is about $15. Just don't let it lapse, or you'll be paying the $25 again.

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Q: How do you replace a transmission solenoid in a 1990 Chevrolet Corsica?
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