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How do you replace a wiper pivot bolt that is stripped?


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Stripped bolts can be repaired by a knowledgeable person using Heli-coils.


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If a bolt is stripped on the windshield wiper on a 1995 Subaru Legacy Wagon, there are two options. A person can go to a salvage yard and purchase new wipers for the vehicle, or they can have the bolt hole tapped for a larger bolt.

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Rear Wiper Motor R&R Remove the rear pivot arm. Lift the pivot arm to the upright position. Slide the locking tab out. Pull up and remove the pivot arm. Remove the rear wiper motor shaft nut cover. Remove the rear wiper motor shaft nut. Remove the rear wiper motor cover. Remove the rear wiper motor bracket nut. Remove the bolt and the rear wiper motor. Reverse these steps to install.

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Wiper travel is non-adjustable on Subarus-- but wiper position is indeed adjustable. Flip up the cover (or pry out the rubber insert) to gain access to the wiper arm bolt. This holds the wiper arm to the pivot shaft. The wiper arm and the pivot shaft have tiny grooves in them-- once in the groove and the bolt tightened, the arm is locked to the shaft. Recheck bolt tightness after a day or so of wiper operation in case it works loose-- if still tight, it will stay that way for years unless heavy snow mashes the arm down. Then you have to loosen the bolt, reposition the wiper arm, and tighten the bolt again.

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A pivot bolt holds a component in place but allows it to rotate about an axis. There is also a locking bolt which keeps the component from rotating. You need to loosen the locking bolt to allow movement. In order to replace the part you remove both the pivot and locking bolts. Common places for a pivot bolt are the alternator and the power steering pump.

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I had a problem with my 94 Acclaim wipers on one side. The motor itself was good, but the locking nut that holds the wiper to the motor was stripped out. Some lock-tite held the nut to the stripped bolt, problem solved! Hope that helps!

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