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This is a long process.... First you need to know somewhat what yopu are doing. First look on the upper inside of the gauge clusters. there shoudl be 2 screws take those out. Next will be the gauge clusters take the 2 screws out on the left and the 2 on the right. Once this is done take out the whole cluster. It is better to pull it form the bottom out. Take off the black plastic peice by unhooking the clamps all around the cluster. The clear plastic case as well.

once this is done the whole gauge faces wshould be showing.... w.o unhooking the wires in the back. on the front u should be able to see the exposed lights. Once this is done carefully take 2 screwdrivers and pop off the needles on the cluster u want to replace the light on. Now the face should come right off. there should be the light bulbs. Turn the case over anbd you should see the input for the bulbs. take them out and find out the size of the bulb and buy new ones. Be carefull not to touch the bulbs they will burn out QUICK! place them on and then repeat the steps carefully to place it back.

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Q: How do you replace dashboard and console lights in a 1997 Toyota Camry?
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ur mamas house :)

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