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How do you replace headliner on Mitsubishi eclipse 1996?

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2008-12-19 20:03:45
2008-12-19 20:03:45

1. Remove the interior weatherstrips around the doors. These just pull straight down.

2. Remove the sunvisors and disconnect the power cord for the lights.

3. Remove the interior light -- this just pulls straight out with no screws.

4. Remove the rear seat bottom -- pull the little rings at the front bottom of the seat and lift the front of the seat up and out.

5. Remove the panels to the sides of the rear seat that cover the rear speakers.

6. Remove the rear headliner trim -- this is a plastic panel between the headliner and the hatch lid. Pull this straight back toward the rear of the car and be careful -- you will likely break the inside plastic anyway and this part isn't available anywhere. You might have to reattach this with screws or something after you're done.

7. Look for little plastic plugs on tabs at the edge of the headliner. Use a tool to remove these (a door panel puller with a forked end works great on this, but you could probably use a screwdriver).

8. Remove the headliner through the hatch opening.

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The second generation Mitsubishi Eclipse was put into production from 1995 to 1999. The convertible model called the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder was put into production in 1996.

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Remove the headliner board, clean it and replace the headliner material. There is a online guide at this page

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