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First step is to remove the air-bag, held in place by two screws from the back and the wire harness clip, next step is unplug the horn contact, then pull the steering wheel. Follow that by removing an assembly that has to do with the air bag .... I recommend that you mark it's alignment before removing the retaining ring and sliding it off the shaft, you may also want to tape it so the internal and external rings do not shift and this will make realignment easier. lift the sping washer, a wavy piece of metal, and set it aside. The following step is a tough one, you have to remove the steering wheel lock plate and the horn contact plate , these are held by a retaining ring, Be aware that there is a very strong coil spring behind the horn contact plate and reinstalling will either require a special tool or three hands or both to compress the spring and slip the ring into place. next is to remove the turn signal assembly, two screws free up the lever and three more screws to free the switch assembly...carefully set this aside and then you will see a small torx head screw half hidden behind a little plastic tab, carefully turn out the will lift the tab enough for you to pull out the key switch, and set it aside and then finish removing the torx head screw. at this point you should be able to also see a small yellow wire harness clip on an orange harness, you need to disconnect the plug for this wire harness from beneath the dash, and then gently pull it out, and the tumbler should be free to pull out with the wire harness, reverse for reinstalling.

the new key will not work however until you have one made with the correct resistor as far as I know. I believe that there are fifteen different variations that were used so you will need to know which one is used with your vehicle. If this is wrong, please correct me.

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2008-11-20 23:27:55
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Q: How do you replace the Ignition key in a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE?
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