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How do you replace the PCV valve and hoses for a 1999 Ford Expedition with a large V8?


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2015-07-15 19:12:57
2015-07-15 19:12:57

Before you go through the trouble, did make sure it is bad first? Do you know how to check one?


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It is in the driver side valve cover, you must change the valve cover to replace the PVC valve.

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it is located on the passenger side wheel has 4 hoses attached 2 going into the heater core and 2 going into the engine...simply disconnect the hoses and replace with new heater valve

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I have a 94 Astro but the heater control valve should be in the same location. Look under the hood on the passenger side. There are two heater hoses behind the coolant reservoir and windshield washer reservoir. The hoses attach to the heater control valve. The valve has a round vacuum actuator on the side, and two more heater hoses leave the control valve and go into the heater core housing. Cost for the valve will probably be somewhere between $50 & $70 To replace it, remove the coolant reservoir and the windshield washer reservoir. Remember, or mark, the hoses for the washer if you have a rear washer. The electrical connections only go on one way. Remove the clamps securing the front heater hoses and remove the hoses from the valve. Remove the clamps holding the heater hoses coming off the back of the valve where they are attached to the heater core. These two hoses are factory attached to the valve and the new valve (from the dealer) comes with the hoses attached to the rear of the valve. The clamps are back in a small space behind the valve, rather hard to get to. We pulled the bracket with the three square relays situated above the hoses to allow easier access. Install in reverse order. Good luck.

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It usually attaches to the exhaust with a pipe . Either its bolted to the intake manifold or the the pipe has a large nut attaching it. Either way its a simple matter of removing the nuts and hoses. Then swap old for new and re attach the hoses and pipe.

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